Why Senator Mark Warner’s Tuna Melt tutorial video is going viral



I would hardly call myself a cooking expert, but you don’t have to be a world-class chef (or even an aspiring Excellent chef competitor) to know about a questionable meal when you see one. That’s why anyone can gasp in collective horror at Virginia Senator Mark Warner’s attempt to melt the tuna.

The politician took to Instagram on Tuesday to share his instructions for use on preparing for the “quarantine delicacy.” Warner spends the better half of the intro in the video improving his sandwich-making skills, going so far as to call the recipe his “real specialty,” before absolutely slaughtering the dish.

He begins by squeezing what can only be described as an obscene amount of mayonnaise on white bread. Warner then takes the tuna straight out of the can, the juice dripping, before slapping slices of cheese and putting the creation in the microwave.

Viewers were understandably baffled. Even former Senator Claire McCaskill has expressed concern. “Ok @MarkWarner, we need to talk. Where’s Lisa? ” she wrote on Twitter, referring to his wife. “That’s too much mayo, man … I like your efforts … but …”

As if that’s a consolation (spoiler: it isn’t), Warner’s communications director Rachel Cohen stepped forward with a clarification. “Alright, Internet, I asked him your questions,” she tweeted. “And he wants you to know that he ** intentionally ** didn’t drain the tuna ‘because I didn’t want it to be too dry.'”

Hi. Let’s just focus on the delicious cocktail recipe videos from Stanley Tucci and Ina Garten.

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Megan Schaltegger is a writer for Thrillist.

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