When V’s belly dancing in Dubai got approval from BTS


When V’s belly dance got approval from BTS

We’ve all seen V set the stage on fire with his fiery charm, but have you seen him belly dance? Yes, you read that right. As a man of the world, BTS singer V isn’t afraid to take on a new challenge, but luckily for him, he did that perfectly, too.

As part of BTS’s summer 2016 package, the septet flew to Dubai to paint the city red with their hilarious antics. We are certainly not opposed to BTS visiting foreign sites as part of their tours or variety shows. In fact, their Bon Voyage travel series still remains one of their beloved adventures! The boys have their own adorable ways of enjoying their stay and this time V has chosen to test his bell dancing skills.

While admiring the performance with his band mates, it seems V let his creativity run free and wanted to test this new art form for himself. Being the supportive friends that they are, BTS totally agreed and even encouraged him to go ahead and rock the dance floor.

The performers were even kind enough to equip her with a belly dance belt and that’s how the show began. While V might not be a seasoned belly dancer, he absolutely rocked the stage with his moves and even got others moving. The guy was really born to be an artist!

Watch the adorable video right here:

If you think V was adorable, wait until you see BTS’s reaction!

The septet applauded their Winter Bear and even turned into their own personal fan sites by shooting the video on their phones. If that wasn’t all, Jungkook even booed a very appropriate “OH, YEAH” that you won’t be able to stop replaying.

The whole ordeal was so fun that it will definitely make you miss their hilarious trip abroad. From giving themselves ridiculously funny names in Hawaii to bell dancing in Dubai, the boys turn into an all-out chaotic riot as they leave town.

Lucky for us, they’ll be in the US very soon for their Permission to DANCE on stage concert in LA. This will mark their first performance before ARMY in about two years and will be absolutely special. If their recent online gig is any indication, this one is about to be super huge!

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