WATCH: belly dance show at local market


Vendors and customers alike were treated to a truly unique show with a belly dancing show at the Red Fox Market at the Hillfox Value Center on May 8. The market is an opportunity to uplift the small businesses in the community by offering arts and crafts, all kinds of delicacies to, of course, music.

The belly dancing entertainment feature left everyone in awe. Photo: Alice Mpholo

Hillfox Value Center marketing director Stan Mbatha said he sources from suppliers who make genuine products with their hands. The food court has been designed for food vendors who sell authentic South African or international cuisine. “With entertainment, we branch out a bit more and introduce new and different types. We always bring singers and musicians to come and perform; However, we are always open to having different types of performers or performances, ”he said.

He said belly dancing was a great way to expose the community to something different. Saturday’s entertainment was provided by Dinah-Lee Maritz of dance studio Phoenix Fusion. Dinah-Lee, who performed four different sets, was dazzled by her mesmerizing movements and flamboyant costumes. She said a lot of people often have an assumption about belly dancing, that it’s sexual. “It’s sensual, not sexual. People also tend to think that only certain body types can do belly dancing, but that is not true. Anyone Can Do It. It takes practice, of course, but you shouldn’t give up.

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