Three key questions to buy a car before the end of the year

Apparently, the amount of vehicle credits requested in 2017 has been less than last year. That is why many car brands have begun to launch more offers and promotions than usual, which represents an interesting opportunity for those who had already planned to buy a vehicle.
The comfort of having your own car is hardly compared to having to go by public transport and even by taxi. Not only can it be safer, but it gives you more control of your routine and schedules. But that is not why you should jump into the void and buy any car, without first considering some important points.

Financing: in dollars or soles?

Financing: in dollars or soles?
Car prices are usually in dollars, but that does not mean your credit too. Experts advise that if you are going to borrow, do it in the currency in which you are paid, since that will not represent any loss. When acquiring a credit in dollars you should be aware that the amount to be paid will vary depending on the exchange rate, which, although for a time it may be down, after a few months it could start to rise.
Is it worth saying yes to tied products? Financial institutions are experts in offering deals that, although apparently convenient, may not be so. Pay close attention when you are offered additional products, such as insurance and credit cards. It is best to go one step at a time, and although vehicle insurance is mandatory, it is always more convenient if the insurer is allowed to choose you.

The lowest possible initial fee?

car loan with money cash
Is it convenient to give only 10% down payment? The basic recommendation is to strive to complete a higher percentage. Experts advise that it should be between 20% and 30%, so that the amount to be financed will be less and therefore, also the payment time.
If you still do not have in mind with which institution to finance the credit, use the Rocinante vehicle credit comparator to see which entities charge less interest rate or offer you more benefits.

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