The Pink Lotus Academia online courseware platform to launch on February 21, 2021


The main objective of the organization is to provide online education in Indian classical music, dance and yoga.

The Pink Lotus Academia, an online courseware platform, a creative organization playing on the benefits of classical Indian arts and culture, will be launched on February 21, 2021. The main purpose of the organization is to provide education online about Indian classical music, dance and yoga. .

As the world adjusted to closed lives this year, the organization realized that creative endeavors can open up avenues for the mind and the heart in a number of ways. Along with this radical change in the medium of learning, Kaavita Das, founder of The Pink Lotus Academia has identified that classrooms are not the only option for knowledge sharing.

“Although the main objective is to provide online education in Indian classical music, dance and yoga, we are also supporting and developing the Indian classical arts and culture sector and organizations to strengthen their business and to see how studying and learning these arts can bring economic benefits. , long-term social and personal success. Our classes take place through video tutorials, personal coaching, group classes, skill development, counseling, mentoring, workshops and concerts, ”Kaavita shares.

The Pink Lotus Academia stood out because it saved on transport costs, travel and preparation time as a single, easily accessible platform where one can choose from a flexible module of options. multiples such as dance, music, yoga and the visual arts.

Art, culture and lifestyle programs are organized for the public, which spreads the word about the enrichment of this medium. This strengthens our sustainability of operation while guaranteeing a comprehensive cultural program beyond borders.

The Pink Lotus Academia personalizes learning experiences so that students can learn at their own pace. The organization aims to develop strong teaching links with enthusiastic students as well as with other institutes to pursue their goals in the selected genre. Support Indian arts and culture. Invest in the arts and culture sector and develop a business-oriented industry that features diverse cultural activity, converging communities and consumers for satisfying aesthetic experiences.

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