The Indonesian Diaspora presents a Nusantara dance medley

Doha: In order to promote traditional Indonesian dance in the Middle East, the Indonesian diaspora in Qatar organized a traditional Indonesian dance medley on Saturday which took place in one of Qatar’s most iconic stadiums, Al Bayt Stadium – where the opening of the 2022 World Cup will take place.

Indonesia’s Ambassador to Qatar, HE Ridwan Hassan, pointed out that in addition to promoting Indonesian culture, this activity could also improve bilateral relations between Indonesia and Qatar in promoting the World Cup.

“Also, this activity is a form of our celebration of diversity,” he said.

The people involved in this performance were the artistic direction team of Puspa Qinarya, Sanggar Messaied and Sanggar Saman Al Khor.

The dancers belonged to three different generations, namely children, teenagers and adults. In the Nusantara dance medley (Nusantara means archipelago), they performed among others the Sajojo dance from Papua, Sirih Kuning from Jakarta and the Saman dance from Aceh.

The Ambassador also indicated that the cultural cooperation between Indonesia and Qatar will enter a new phase, noting that Indonesia is being selected as a partner country for the Year of Culture 2023. “In the spirit of friendship between the two nations, I invite all The participation of the Indonesian Diaspora in Qatar can contribute to the success of the Qatar-Indonesia Year of Culture event.

President of the Indonesian Community Association in Qatar, Ahmad Syarnubi Fatah said that the Indonesian community in Qatar is very vibrant. This is not the first time that the group has carried out such an activity.

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