The Goonies: The Story Behind Chunk’s Belly Dancing In The Movie

One of the most famous scenes of The Gooniesthe 1985 film directed by Richard Donneris probably the Belly dance done by Section at the start of the iconic film produced by Steven Spielberg. The story behind the making of this scene, however, seems to have been much less fun for the protagonists involved in making it.

The real (painful) story behind Chunk’s belly dancing in The Goonies

During an interview given to Uproxx a few years ago by Donner himself, the director explained that the shooting of the scene was a “painful” moment:

“There was no orientation. I don’t take any credit for it, it was just Jeff. He had to stand on that log and be ridiculed by his friends to get into the house, and he did it. “did better than the character could. A lot of the humor comes from the pain. While I’m sure he was too young to be analytical about it, I’m sure it all came from his instincts. was a painful scene.

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Jeff Cohen, the actor who played Chunk in the film, thinks instead of shooting belly dancing in The Goonies with loving nostalgia. It was also difficult for him to shoot the sequence but also for another reason: had chicken pox.

Here’s what the actor said during an interview with EW shortly before:

“Bellydance was really difficult for me because as a fat boy the last thing you want to do is show your belly to everyone. So it was horrible at first. Another reason I was scared was because I had chickenpox at the time…and I mostly had marks on my stomach. So I knew I was going to show my belly with chickenpox and it would be a disaster”

According to the actor, by interrupting the scene, you can clearly see the proof of his words. If for some reason you want to give it a try, here’s the original video:

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