The best dance lessons for beginners for adults in Boston

This whole body workout not only gets you in great shape, but your brain function and mental health improves as well.

Illustration by Jeannie Phan

Did you know that dancing can be the best form of exercise? From a fast paced dance routine alone, a Harvard Study estimates that people can burn around 200 calories in just 30 minutes. Now you can call your nighttime jam session a workout. Not only does it have resounding physical benefits, but dancing has also been shown to improve brain function and mental health. Luckily, with these adult dance lessons in Boston, you don’t have to twirl around on your own. Come in now and let your body feel the rhythm.

Custom soundtracks mixed by an in-house DJ. Copious amounts of twerking. No, it’s not Saturday night at the hottest new club, it’s TrillFit’s signature cardio dance class, which incorporates hip-hop-inspired choreography and high-intensity interval training in only one intense sweating session. Really gone for a night on the town after school? The new Mission Hill studio has an on-site hair salon.

Starting at $ 18, 1484 Tremont St., Boston, 617-544-7690.

Never watched an episode of Dancing with the stars and I wonder how amateurs learned to waltz, cha-cha and fox-trot a few days ago? This century-old studio in Back Bay will teach you. Master the intricacies of ballroom dancing with an introductory program that focuses on the three most important elements: foot position, rhythm and timing, and lead or follow — the shimmering BYO costume.

First Free Private Dance Class, 20 Park Plaza, Boston, 617-426-3335.

If you want to try a little of everything, The Dance Complex is the place. The studio offers a wide range of self-service courses that can be taken, such as hip hop, African dance, tango, flamenco, funk, and more.

Starting at $ 10 / class, but may vary. 536 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge, 617-547-9363.

If you’re looking for a fun (continuing) date idea, the Boston Center for Adult Education offers several four-session packages for pairs dance lessons. Classes include ballroom, swing and wedding dance workshops.

The prices vary. 122 Arlington Street, 617-267-4430.

Indulge your childhood ballerina fantasies with lessons from professional dancers at one of Boston Ballet School’s three locations. Enroll in open adult classes on a pay-as-you-go basis or attend more structured ballet workshops.

$ 20 / class or $ 160 for 10. 19 rue Clarendon; 617-456-6260; and others.

Party like it was in 1920 with Lindy Hop and Swing lessons open to all levels. Balboa, Charleston, and other related dances are also incorporated into classes, which run for six weeks at its Boston and Newton locations.

$ 65 for a six-week session. Lower Falls Community Center, 545 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls and Ruggles Baptist Church, 874 Beacon St .; 508-435-2363.

Students must be at least 18 years old for all lessons, which means you never have to share the floor with laughing high school girls. Classes include ballet, jazz, tap dance, hip-hop, Broadway, contemporary, lyrical jazz, pop jazz, and belly dancing.

$ 18 / class or $ 160 for 10. 1404 Beacon St., Brookline, 617-879-2732.

Flamenco Boston offers courses at different levels of experience, all offered on a continuous basis. Contact the studio for prices.

Green Street Studios, 185 Green Street, Boston.

This Cambridge studio offers group and private lessons in a variety of styles, including ballroom, club salsa, swing, and Argentine tango. Choose to enroll or take your studies a little more seriously with programs that meet twice a week.

From $ 15 / walk-in or $ 130 for 10. 26 New St., Suite 3, Cambridge, 617-492-2122.

Imagine basking in the Hawaiian sun with the help of Polynesian dance arts. You can start from scratch with the company’s beginner’s Hula and Tahitian classes, then move on to intermediate and advanced options as you progress.

$ 15 / class, $ 60/5-pack or $ 100/10-pack. Deborah Mason School of Dance, 32 Cottage Park Ave., Cambridge; 781-729-2252.

Urbanity dancers must be at least intermediate level, but those who are can take contemporary lessons from this company. Yoga classes are also available.

$ 15 / entry. 1180 Washington St., Boston, 617-572-3727.

In this fitness dance studio in Fenway, you don’t have to be a dancer to have fun. Billed as an “addicting cardio party,” you sweat for 45 minutes of high-flying fun, including signature moves like the V-Up and Bird. You can also take strength and conditioning classes as well as yoga.

$ 26 / class, 506 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, 617-603-2522.

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