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This video posted on Instagram shows how a cute cat shows off her “belly dancing” moves.

Cats can try almost anything, especially with their beloved humans leading them through it. This Instagram Reels video of a cat “dancing” in proper belly dance gear made in a tiny waistline, will make your day.

The video opens to show a gray cat in a belly dance belt with gold sequins on it. He was seen standing on his hind limbs and his human holding him by his front legs. This cute cat is seen ‘dancing’ while his human swings him.

“Bellydancer Nacho in action. How do you like his dance moves? Reads the caption of this hilarious video.

Watch it here:

Since its publication on Instagram on December 18, this video has already garnered more than 1.3 million likes and several reactions from people.

“Oh my God, cuteness overload,” reads a comment from one individual. “So cute,” another posted, followed by a smiley face emoji with hearts. “The winner of Strictly Come Dancing 2021 is Nacho. And I don’t think he’s really bothered, and it was only for a short time and it really made my day, ”commented a third. “10 points for this performance,” scored a fourth.

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