Sun Yi and Zhang Xiaolong’s first classical dance performance “Hello Saturday” will take you tonight to appreciate the beauty of the

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Wang Yue, journalist specializing in all media on the peninsula

Chinese culture is wide and deep, the grace and grace of women are as picturesque as a dream, and the majestic and heroic looks of men are full of lofty ambitions, and the beauty of Eastern classics contains a rich cultural heritage and characteristics. Today at 8:10 p.m., Hunan Satellite TV’s variety show “Hello Saturday” will soon feature a new theme “Oriental Beauty”, with various traditional cultural products such as silk dance, armor and painting. brush, which will make everyone appreciate the infinite Chinese culture. charm.

Debut in classical dance by Sun Yi Zhang Xiaolong

The long silk dances classical beauty

With a frown, a smile and every gesture, the beauty of oriental women is clearly displayed. In this program, Sun Yi made a stunning appearance with classical dance for the first time and will soon cooperate with Zhang Xiaolong to take the stage of “Dream of Dreams”. The graceful posture descending from the sky and the graceful dance steps that make people shine, Zhang Xiaolong’s gentle dance posture also complements each other. The visual enjoyment is layered on the story of the stage with rich levels, and the type of experience the stage will bring to the stage is extremely exciting.

Sun Yi and Zhang Xiaolong's first classical dance performance

The 22 meter long silk dance is magnificent

Li Yugang reproduces classic skills

In addition, Li Yugang’s long silk dance will reappear in the show soon. The 22 meter long silk dance, which measures up to 7 floors, will not affect the performance of the figure dance in any way. Auspicious wave-like clouds dance in the style of traditional culture. The magic. ”What kind of interesting collision experience will the hilarious imitation of the young intern by Qin Xiaoxian and Feng Xi bring?

The beauty of the collection, feel the charm of the culture

Traditional armor plays new tricks

In this week’s Beauty in the Collection session, two very precious manuscripts of the monthly card are about to be unveiled. The unique brushstrokes make the characters more realistic and restore the beauty of the ways of women in the 70s and 80s. In addition, the culture of armor is also one of the highlights of this issue. Qin Xiaoxian and Wang Hedi wore heavy armor to start the “walking show” scene. The majestic, heroic and mighty state mimicked the fearless spirit of heroes and heroes of old. The concept of loyalty, benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and trust has emerged step by step. Human heart. What type of historical storytelling will occur at the scene and what type of traditional cultural interpretation is behind the culture of armor?

Sun Yi and Zhang Xiaolong's first classical dance performance

Tell a cultural story and appreciate the historical heritage. The theme of “Hello, Saturday” incorporates a variety of traditional cultures, allowing the audience to invisibly feel the charm of culture in visual enjoyment and creative connections, and to learn about historical and cultural features. Lock on Hunan Satellite TV at 8:10 PM today and step into the world of Chinese culture together!

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