Student credit – Solution for your studies

Tuition fees, rent deposit, rent and not to forget the expenses for the laptop and new books – as a student there is often low tide in the wallet. But it shouldn’t fail because of the money: This maxim does not apply to all areas of life, but very well when it comes to a good education. If the support of your parents or what you earn with student jobs on the side is not enough for your dream course, there is an alternative: the loan for students.

This is how student credit helps you with your studies

This is how student credit helps you with your studies
When studying, there are always financial bottlenecks and unexpected expenses. If you need money quickly, for example to pay for a monthly card or the tuition fee, Lite Lender’s can help you out of the box very quickly. You don’t have to walk to the bank branch or fill out long application forms. You can easily apply for a student loan from Lite Lender online without paperwork and salary slips. As a reputable credit provider, our offer is transparent and fair: we do not charge you any upfront costs or processing fees. The processing and checking of your loan application takes place within 60 seconds and you will also receive feedback on the loan decision within one minute. If you choose the Astro Finance (option for fast payment), the money will be in your account within 24 hours.
With a student loan, you are not buying perishable consumer goods, but education, which is arguably the best investment you can treat yourself to. The student loan helps you to pay tuition fees, purchase teaching materials, cover living and living expenses, or even stay abroad that are important for your education. Somewhat older students with higher living costs particularly like to use this opportunity. The student loan can also help you in the final phase of your studies so that you can quickly complete your bachelor’s or master’s thesis without losing time with jobs. With the student loan from Lite Lender Bank you get a loan despite credit bureau, even if you already have a loan with another bank.

Apply for student credit online in just 3 steps

Apply for student credit online in just 3 steps
Step 1:
Select loan amount : Use the loan calculator to select your desired loan amount and loan term.
Step 2:
Fill out the loan application online: Fill out the loan application online with just a few clicks.
Step 3:
Online credit approval immediately: You will receive the credit decision within 60 seconds.

Student loan despite credit bureau entry

When a student applies for a loan, approval is often more difficult due to the creditworthiness. But that doesn’t have to mean anything, because with Lite Lender you can also apply for a student loan with a credit bureau entry: the credit check is carried out with Creditreform or credit bureau, but positive features such as an existing loan do not automatically lead to the student loan being rejected. We also check your payment behavior, whether outstanding amounts have been sued in court, how high the credit default risk is. credit bureau divides all consumers into different credit bureau classes according to their credit bureau value. Class A has the lowest risk and class M the risk still to be taken into account, whereas from class P you are no longer creditworthy. We always recommend our customers to do a credit bureau test themselves and see what credit bureau score they have.

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