Singapore’s Boring Big Dance Number | Advertising

Ad Nut challenges you to watch the entire video above.

He comes from the Singapore Tourism Board, the National Arts Council and TBWA Singapore. It only lasts three minutes. But it seems a lot longer. Ad Nut bet most people won’t be able to get by without going through another browser tab or checking their stock price or suddenly taking an interest in their cuticles.

Ad Nut has nothing against dancing *. Ad Nut has nothing against ads that are big dance numbers **. Ad Nut has nothing against the dancers seen here, or the local dance company O School, which was involved in the creation of the video. Ad Nut has nothing against the great city-state of Singapore, the Singapore Tourism Board ***, the National Arts Council, or even TBWA Singapore. Ad Nut has nothing against the choreography, performance, or film craft seen above.

But you just can’t argue with Ad Nut’s rating – this video is boring. Dull unforgivable and unforgivable.

It’s three minutes of people dancing past some of the great sights that Singapore has to offer. It intends to reflect a vibrant and diverse city and show, according to a statement, “how the arts can be captivating, fun and uplifting.” It aims to “ignite travel inspiration in a unique and energetic way”.

He fails.

Everyone did a great job on what they were asked to do. But Ad Nut suspects that it was doomed to failure from the briefing phase. It couldn’t look good, even on paper.

* This is true even if the squirrels don’t dance (although given the squirrel’s unmatched physical grace and agility, Ad Nut’s analogue would be amazing if he wanted to).

** See for example, Ad Nut’s positive review of another Singapore dance act, which was ridiculous enough to be enjoyable: Singapore’s cleanliness video is literally delicious.

*** Starter: Ad Nut Is actually has something against the Singapore Tourism Board: its coining the term “SingapoReimagine” for the ongoing campaign that this video is part of. Go on. It’s painful to watch, let alone pronounce.

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