Sienna Miller’s Hottest Moments – Racy Sex Scenes, Belly Dancing & Skinny Leather

Ever since she rose to fame with her landmark role in the 2004 film Layer Cake, Sienna Miller has seen audiences on stage and screens eat out of the palm of her hand – and it’s easy to see why.

The camera loves the former model, whether it’s on the big screen or on the red carpet – it looks like mum doesn’t have bad angles.

From raunchy red carpet sets to naughty sex scenes with her movie co-stars, Sienna is still one of Hollywood’s hottest stars.

As she celebrates her 40th birthday on December 28, Daily Star takes a look at her hottest moments of all time.


Sienna stole the show from Jude in Alfie

Jude Law reprized the role of Michael Caine in this 2004 remake of the romantic comedy “London playboy about town”, but it was Sienna who stole the show.

As the emotionally unstable Nikki, she won over audiences and made a real life boyfriend when she started dating her co-star Jude.

It’s no wonder Jude fell in love with her, judging by the scene above.

Golden girl

Dazzled Sienna in a Golden Outfit
Dazzled Sienna in a Golden Outfit

In 2007, Sienna attended a Calvin Klein fragrance launch for ckIN2U in New York City, wearing a stunning gold outfit.

It’s no wonder she went all out with her look, as she was hosting the event alongside actor Kevin Zegers.

The plunging garment descended deep into the blonde beauty’s chest, with thin spaghetti straps holding it.

The loose top was alluring and fashionable.

She finished the look with simple makeup, with her golden locks framing her pretty face.

Diaper Cake

Sienna starred alongside Daniel Craig in Layer Cake
Sienna starred alongside Daniel Craig in Layer Cake

This British crime film from director Matthew Vaughan starred pre-Bond Daniel Craig as an anonymous London-based cocaine trafficker.

Sienna plays Tammy in the movie, and the character famously dances in front of Daniel’s character in a crowded bar scene.

She also later undresses and shows off her stunning curves in Agent Provocateur lingerie.

It later emerged that Sienna and Daniel had a brief affair while filming.

Like a woman

Just Like A Woman saw Sienna transform into a bellydancer
Just Like A Woman saw Sienna transform into a bellydancer

In 2012, Sienna starred in Just Like A Woman as Marilyn, with the film following an American housewife and a North African woman who traveled from Chicago to Santa Fe for a belly dance competition.

Given the premise of the film, Sienna has been pictured in a number of steamy outfits.

In one scene, she was wearing a dazzling gold bra top that showcased her hard abs.

bondage barbie

Sienna seduced in a PVC ensemble
Sienna seduced in a PVC ensemble

Sienna opted for a cheeky PVC dress when she attended the Monte Carlo Gala for Planetary Health in 2020, in Monaco.

She tightened her slender figure in the bodycon dress, which featured a sweetheart neckline, which showed a lot of cleavage.

The garment also featured suspenders that crossed her neckline, adding a bondage feel to the look.

The hem of the dress appeared to be soft velor – and it was also functional, as Sienna posed with one hand in a pocket.

GI Joe: The Rise of the Cobra

Sienna played Anastasia
Sienna played Anastasia “Ana” DeCobray, aka the Baroness

For the 2009 military sci-fi action film GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Sienna played Anastasia “Ana” DeCobray, aka the Baroness, a villain associated with GI Joe’s nemesis, Cobra.

For her debut in an action blockbuster, she had long brown hair and wore a sexy tight-fitting leather ensemble.

Although fans were wowed by her look, Sienna was unwilling to repeat the experience.

She said in interviews afterwards that she nearly burned her breasts while filming an explosion scene.

As for that tight-fitting outfit, she said, “I won’t wear any more. Squeezing myself in it with talcum powder every day for five months was more than enough.

“I could barely move in it anyway.”

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