Shakira to star in new NBC dance competition show “Dancing With Myself”

Shakira will star in a new reality dance show on NBC called “Dancing With Myself,” which combines dance challenges with dance competitions.

Shakira will star in a new NBC dance challenge competition show, Dance with myself a series that will seek out the best dancers from all over the world. At the end of 2020, the former judge of The voice went viral after creating a TikTok dance challenge to her song with the Black Eyed Peas, “Girl Like Me.” In the song video, Shakira dances in a Jane Fonda-inspired workout outfit, and the TikTok video challenged people to learn the dance step by step. With over 10 million Shakira followers, it didn’t take long for the challenge to go viral with fans posting their takes of the singer’s dance moves.


Shakira is a Colombian singer and songwriter known for her dancing in her music videos and concerts. She has a unique style that combines Latin dancing with Middle Eastern belly dancing. She is famous for her hip tremors and even has a song called “Hips Don’t Lie” with a video that shows her movements. The “Girl Like Me” video also features these moves, along with a choreography that incorporates dance steps reminiscent of Jane Fonda’s 1980s aerobic workout videos. The video has over 500 million views on YouTube. .

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From an article on Billboard, Shakira will now bring the idea of ​​the dance challenge to a new reality show called, Dance with myself. She will be the star and executive producer of the show. In a post on Instagram, Shakira described the show as “everything you love is dance challenges, but now a competition.” Each week, a new group of dancers will participate in dance challenges created by celebrities featured on the show, including Shakira. Competitors will be separated into individual groups and will not only need to quickly learn the new routine, but add their own style to it to make it stand out. They will then perform in front of a live studio audience, and while Shakira and a panel of judges will be there to give their opinion to the dancers, it will ultimately be up to the studio audience to decide who will be crowned Best Dancer of the Night and win the award. cash prizes.

In a press release, Shakira said: “I’m thrilled to be a part of a dance competition that places such a high value on creative movement and how it translates into personal expression, not to mention how it contributes to a sense of community. I have personally been blown away by some of the talent that I have seen thanks to people having access to their own platforms through social media. Dance has been an incredibly powerful force throughout my life, and I look forward to showing the how transformative, stimulating and fun it can be. “ This show will bring together the idea of ​​dance challenge and dance competition show in a new and creative way, allowing dancers to express themselves while learning new routines.

After going viral with her TikTok challenge, Shakira will bring the phenomenon to TV screens in a show that’s sure to capture the attention of dance fans around the world. Dance with myself is a current and innovative idea that brings a modern touch to the dance competition show. With his talent for choreography and his experience as a judge on The voice, she is sure to have a great success. Leave it to Shakira to do “trendy” dance shows again.

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Source: Billboard, Shakira / Instagram

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