Shake Shake Shake? Belly Dancing Could Help You Lose Weight Weekend | Community


Connie Reynolds saw a lot of people walk into the Yoga College studio thinking they could belly dance. But once they try to give it a go, they realize that it’s actually a lot harder than it looks.

“Putting all the movements together as a routine is pretty tough,” said Reynolds, owner of Yoga College. “I mean you could Just sit there and wave your belly, but memorizing and then putting it all together in quick movements is quite difficult.

Reynolds gives belly dancing classes twice a week in his studio at 522 Nebraska St. The Beginner’s Class is a six-week class that takes place every Monday. The middle class meets twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday) for four weeks. Reynolds said belly dancing is very aerobic exercise, which makes it a unique way to lose weight.

“You move your arms, hips, stomach and legs at the same time,” she said. “It makes for a great workout.”

Belly dancing, she says, requires a fair amount of muscle control. Reynolds has seen plenty of newcomers trying out their first shimmies, but most of them keep shaking their heads as they do so.

“It looks bad,” she said. “But that’s how you start.”

Like any form of dance, it requires a lot of practice, especially outside of Yoga College. Belly dancing requires an intense awareness of all parts of the body. Reynolds said a belly dancer needs to know where the arms and hips are, what the belly is doing, what the next move is, and even which way to turn the head.

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