Sepelini Mua’au: the best holes to swim and dance the night away

Actor Sepelini Mua'au proudly relaxes in his Crocs at his apartment in downtown Wellington.


Actor Sepelini Mua’au proudly relaxes in his Crocs at his apartment in downtown Wellington.

Sepelini Mua’au is a Wellingtonian actress, doctoral student and creative. Belonging to the capital’s theatrical scene for a few years, he recently turned to a rehearsal period for Trick of the Light. Lysander’s aunt with performances at Te-Whanganui-a-Tara for the Aotearoa NZ Festival of the Arts 2022 then at Tāmaki Makaurau for the Auckland Arts Festival 2022.

What summer in Wellington is unique to you

There’s an old Wellington saying about Welly on a good day and if you know it, you know it. Those days can be distant and rare because Wellington’s weather likes to keep them interesting. The uniqueness in all of this is the fact that you just need to be prepared for all seasons, every day.

What are you listening to …

Womb – local group made up of three very talented siblings. They released an EP Hold a flame earlier this year. Beautiful and moving music. My Spotify Wrapped will tell you Justin Bieber, but there must be an investigation into Spotify’s algorithms because I don’t have it.

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The show / concert / festival you are looking forward to …

Concert – Justin Bieber – Justice World Tour 2022. I booked my tickets within the first 10 minutes. Music Festival: One Love in Tauranga January 27-28. Performing arts: the annual Measina festival organized by Le Moana. A platform for emerging artists from the Pacific to present works to audiences in Porirua, Lower Hutt and the greater Wellington region.

What’s on your summer cocktail / barbecue list and do you have any tips?

I hear my dad’s voice every time I use a barbecue to clean it completely right after using it, so please listen to his call. You also can’t go wrong with the fresh Oka I’a (raw Samoan / cerviche dish). Summer cocktails remind me of Piña coladas in the sun. Tips this summer – find a Samoan gathering and eat to your heart’s content.

Do you like to listen to podcasts or read a special book

I am currently reading the chapters of Imagine decolonization BWB texts [series]. Ocean Ripeka Mercier’s chapter is mind-boggling – the sheer research Ocean has packed into the chapter brings together so many important scholarly resources.

During the lockdown, Sepelini Mua'au would head to Mount Victoria for a breath of fresh air.


During the lockdown, Sepelini Mua’au would head to Mount Victoria for a breath of fresh air.

Go out, where is one of your favorite places to spend time …

During Lockdown – Mount Victoria is on the lookout for a breath of fresh air. After the lockdown, head for the summer vibes – Oriental Beach, fresh water and sun. I have to say people make the place perfect. I know I could hang out with my family, the LC team and / or roommates almost anywhere and have a good time.

Where is the best place to swim …

Jumping off the Days Bay wharf near Eastbourne brings back fond memories. My best friend Vaughan Samuelu and I also had a pool in the Hutt River near the Avalon Studios called “The Spot”. There is also a river point called “Ultimate” in Wainui, not sure if it is still active and / or safe.

What is your perfect evening in Wellington…

Home cooked meal with my roommates, beers in the sun on the roof with them. The party lights go out, the company arrives (vaccine passes of course), YouTube karaoke on TV at one point before dancing the night away at Club290. Then a short stop at the bakery before going to bed.

What is the thing that would make Wellington better …

No more celebration of diversity in the city. Decolonize certain processes and practices in industries that need to be shaken up.

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