Secrets of the belly dancing legend .. You won’t believe what the American director did with her in front of her husband and blew him off the Eiffel Tower, and the end was tragic !!

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3 weeks ago, the birthday of the late artist Naima Akef, who is considered one of the most prominent stars in oriental dance, who had a private school and a beauty that contributed to her fame with her talent in dance, arrived 3 weeks ago.

Before entering the acting game, in which she starred through a group of films in which she co-starred with many stars, as appears in the following lines.

The late artist Naima Akef was born in the town of Tanta in the governorate of Gharbia in 1929. She is a dancer and was famous for her great physical form, especially after working in her father’s circus from an early age, and these exercises helped her to become the queen of the shows.

Artist Naima Akef was able to achieve the title of the best dancer in the world at the Moscow International Youth Festival, thanks to her learning many circus movements which brought her positive results, as she imitates these movements in her films.

Akef was nicknamed “Lahalibo al-Fan” because it was her absolute first cutscene with the movie “Lahalibo”, which was screened in 1949, directed and written by Hussein Fawzy, and many stars such as: Suleiman Najib, Hassan participated in this work. Fayek, Shukri Sarhan, Hassan Kamel, Abdel Moneim Ismail and other artists.

Akef married director Hussein Fawzy, with whom he signed a monopoly on the films he made. In previous statements, Naima said that she had traveled to Paris with her husband, so he took her to visit the famous Eiffel Tower, but due to the high traffic there, they went their separate ways.

Fawzi believed his wife had gone downstairs, so he went downstairs to get her, while she was upstairs. The one standing between her and her husband only had one floor.

Naima Akef went on to say that when she was about to jump, the policemen in charge of guarding the tower saw her and rushed towards her, having thought that she wanted to kill herself, in an attempt to kill her. stop it, and they started talking to her in French, which she couldn’t understand until her husband Fawzi came to talk to them.

On one occasion, Naïma was having lunch with her husband, a restaurant in Paris, accompanied by their friend Farid al-Atrash, and suddenly a drunken person appeared looking at her in dread and sending her kisses in the air.

Her husband, director Hussein Fawzy, saw it. He wanted to fight with this man, but Farid al-Atrash stopped him saying, “Hussein, accountant, this is Orson Welles, the American director, author and producer.

However, Hussein Fawzi couldn’t neglect his daring with his wife at first, so he asked her: Why did you allow yourself to flirt with my wife in such a shameless way? The director laughed and said, “He’s sorry because he didn’t see a nicer one at the party.” He managed to hold back with difficulty so as not to kill him. The artist, Naima Akef, died in 1966 at the age of 37, following a battle with cancer.

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