Sean Paul gives a tutorial for the #TemperatureChallenge on TikTok


Sean Paul launches his #TemperatureChallenge on TikTok as his classic hit goes viral.

It’s completely understandable that TikTok challenges have been gaining popularity since the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Social distancing coupled with strict curfews has apparently resulted in an overhaul of just about everything from old songs to dance moves.

It was pretty hard to escape the magic of Sean Paul in the early 2000s. The rude Jamaican boy topped the Billboard charts, infiltrated the Grammys, and stole hearts whenever and wherever his music was played. Without a doubt, one of his biggest tracks was “Temperature,” which came out in 2005. Fans around the world have since come together to create a brand new #TemperatureChallenge, and Dutty Paul finally stepped in to show how it was. ‘is done, in a way.

“Mek show me how to do 2,” SP captioned a recent post shared on TikTok and Instagram. Her hilarious video features two dancers who aren’t afraid to make a move regardless of their surroundings. Sean Paul is sort of always there to check on what’s going on, until he gets into the beat towards the end of the video.

The comments section was inundated with fiery emojis as fans greeted his version of the challenge to his classic dancehall tune.

The “temperature challenge” has been around for a while, but there is no established dance to make it an official challenge. Audiences are speculating that the challenge will of course be taken up by fans mimicking the moves shown in Sean Paul’s version.

“Temperature” reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the US and was Sean Paul’s third number one single. The song made the top 10 in Canada and France and the top 20 in the UK, where it peaked at number 11. It also debuted at number 19 in Australia and quickly rose to number five within weeks. following. The single, which became Sean Paul’s biggest hit in the US, spent 17 weeks in the top 10.

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