RTL Today – Stay in shape: dance classes for adults in Luxembourg

Whether you want to get back into it or take up a new hobby, dancing is a fun way to stay in shape and meet new people.

Finding the right dance class can be a daunting task in the vast jungle of dance schools in Luxembourg, which is why we’ve chosen those schools that offer classes for adults.

1) Li Marteling & Cathy Moes Ballet School. Located in Merl, this school offers adults 4 different styles, namely Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and Hip-Hop. The first introductory lesson is free and class levels range from beginner to advanced, offering everyone the opportunity to fall in love with dance. A special feature is the ”Silver Ballet” class, a ballet class suitable for people over 55. In addition to dance classes, the school offers yoga classes for adults. Classes are held on several days of the week, throughout the school year, with special holiday classes held during the summer.

2) Dance of Helen. This dance school offers classes for adults in ballet, jazz and hiphop as well as dance fitness classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers. The first lesson is again free. The school is conveniently located in Limpertsberg and lessons take place throughout the school year. Registration can be done on their website.

3) Mireille Roulling dance school. Also located in the city center, this school offers not only ballet and jazz lessons for adults, but also standard and Latin dance lessons. So, if you want to convince your partner to also learn dance, this school could be for you, although it is not necessary to show up with a partner to participate in the lessons. They offer classes for beginners to advanced dancers.

4) Eurodance. Although a bit farther from town, this school offers ballroom lessons from beginner to advanced, in standard and Latin. Although the dances are for couples, you don’t necessarily need to register with a partner. This offers singles and couples the chance to learn from world champion semi-finalist Dominique Vitali.

5) lightning dance. With classes in Bertrange and Ettelbruck, this school offers ballet, jazz, hip-hop and more for adults. They also offer yoga and fitness classes such as zumba, as well as a few summer classes until September 1. For those interested, they also offer first dance sessions for those who want to wow their friends and family at their reception.

6) Jaga Antony Dance School. Located in Hamm, this school offers ballet and tap dancing lessons for adults. Although it’s a small school, he’s made his way into the English-speaking community, most recently teaching Tap to members of Pirate Productions for their show Young Frankenstein last November.

7) Arts and Sports. A fusion of art and sport, this school offers a variety of dance and fitness classes, from ballet to belly dancing to breakdancing. They also have boxing classes for those who don’t think dancing is their thing. Located five minutes walk from the train station, it is an excellent option for business people who use public transport.

8) Art in motion. Featured in our RTL presents series, Marc Fol helped bring hip-hop to Luxembourg. He offers classes in Hip Hop, Breakdance, Funk, House and Modern Choreography, making him one of the few to offer such classes. If you are interested, go to his page or our link for more information!

This list is only a suggestion and there are of course many other dance schools that offer excellent classes for adults.
For more information on Luxembourg’s dance scene, take a look at our RTL series featured below.

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