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Even though it has its origins in Egypt, belly dancing is a universally beloved low-impact exercise because it aids in weight loss, tones muscles, improves posture, and helps practitioners relax. enjoy this Sunday. Making chest movements and complex torso movements look so easy, Richa burned calories by belly dancing on Kylie M Bailey’s’So i want you‘and it’s the most popular fitness inspiration on the internet today.

Taking to her social media account, Richa shared a video that gave a preview of her intense belly dancing session. The video showed the diva wearing a white sports bra paired with a pair of tights to pull off her athleisure look as she left her curly tresses open at the back.

Although belly dancing isolates muscles for movements like the abdomen twist and hip movements, Richa nailed the chest rollers. She shared in the caption: “Here’s a fun way to break your ribs. #Chestrolls #fusiondance #bellydancelove (sic).”



There is no therapy that improves mood in a jiffy than dancing, especially belly dancing as it is compared to a state of meditation thanks to its circular and fluid movements as well as its swaying. repetitive. In cases of anxiety or mild depression, belly dancing can be used to de-stress because its rapid movements de-clutter the brain, stimulate a funny reaction, and induce a state of mental relaxation.

The flow of the natural lubricant or synovial fluid into the lower back and hip joints is enhanced as a full range of gentle, repetitive motions are applied to the joints and ligaments due to hip drops, circles, strains. figure eight movements and shimmies. Belly dancing can also help prevent lower back problems and relieve stress on the back when the pelvis is tilted forward or tucked into various movements.

Long hours sitting during current work at home or a sedentary lifestyle can cause constant compression of the discs or unnatural curvature of the spine due to a weak muscle group. Belly dancing counteracts it and helps tone muscles, which further improves posture.

Unlike other forms of dance like ballet which deform the skeleton, belly dancing targets muscle groups in the neck, spine, abdomen, pelvis and trunk that work in favor of the physical inclinations of the body. body rather than against it. Belly dancing can ideally be part of a weight loss program as it can burn up to 300 calories per hour, although this can vary depending on the intensity of the dance.

As congestion in the pelvic area is alleviated due to rolling hips, figure-eight movements and waves, belly dancing improves circulation and gives off a feeling of relaxation in the pelvic area which keeps PMS ailments away.

Originally from Egypt, the Arabic expression for belly dancing is also called Raqs Sharqi.

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