Oriental dance as performing arts?


DANCE PROMOTION: Jasmine Tan (second from left) and secretary Shirley Tan (second from right) and the belly dancers pose for a photoshoot.

KUCHING: The Kuching Bellydance Arts Association, a newly established non-profit organization, is here to encourage and promote bellydance as an integral part of performing arts development in Malaysia through classes, competitions and championships.

At a press conference here yesterday, its president Jasmine Tan said they want to encourage freedom of participation and association, professionalism and improve standards in dance and dance education.

Tan said he recently obtained registration approval from the Registrar of Companies on March 16.

The association offers its members a range of privileges ranging from workshops, dance lessons, participation in dance performances and other perks from time to time.

“We believe that dances like belly dancing and other modern dances can be cultivated from an early age and to instill the knowledge of the correct perception of these dances which can be brought to a higher level of skillful young enthusiasts” Tan said.

She added that the original name of Oriental Dance is “raks sharki”.

This name comes from the Arabic word ‘raks’ means dance, ‘sharki’ means oriental.

“In recent years, oriental dancing has become a trend around the world, with more and more people learning it,” Tan said.

To relaunch the association’s mission, they are organizing their first activity from May 25 to 27.

This is a 3-day belly dance workshop led by renowned choreographer Joe Tian and international champion Vivian Huang.

Those interested will be able to attend the association’s All-Star Gala Dinner on May 26 at the Riverside Majestic Hotel.

Tickets are now available and for more information members of the public can call 016-8899 716 or visit https://www.facebook.com/OrientalDanceArts.

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