Operation “Oriental dance”: who wanted to eliminate Boris Yeltsin


History 02/15/20 Operation “Oriental dance”: who wanted to eliminate Boris Yeltsin

“Operation belly dancing” could go down in history as Boris Yeltsin’s first assassination attempt. However, a KGB colonel, who wished to remain anonymous, did not speak about her until 3 years later. Then the client of a crime was already in prison, however, another case.

Operation in Tajikistan

the first attempt against Boris Yeltsin is believed to have been made at the end of September 1989 when the future president, according to one version, was pushed from the bridge into the water. However, it turned out that Yeltsin had to eliminate another summer in the same year. This became known in December 1992 thanks to a former KGB colonel, who in turn opened the hearts of journalists. According to the colonel, Boris had planned to eliminate during a working visit to Tajikistan, where the construction of the Sangtuda hydroelectric plant was then located. Perhaps that is why this operation, organized by the KGB, was called “Oriental dance”.

It is noteworthy that, if we are to believe Fedor Razzakov, the author of the book “Behind whose back is the president hiding? “, Mentioned the colonel claimed that the operation took part the chairman of the Tajik SSR KGB Vladimir Pekel. The executor of Yeltsin’s murder or, as he was called “accomplices”, Bespalov was appointed colonel himself, but was ordered by Vladimir Kryuchkov, head of the KGB of the USSR. Calling the main “conspirators”, the colonel himself chose to remain anonymous. However, in an interview, he said that in the near future will reveal their identity and apply to the relevant authorities with the requirement of excitement of the criminal case concerning Petkele and Kryuchkov.

Accused of “Matrosskaya Tishina”

The sensational confession of the anonymous Cheka thundered across the country, while Vladimir Kryuchkov was already in police custody. However, in “Matrosskaya Tishina” the KGB leader was a whole different matter: he was one of the participants in the August 1991 coup and a member of the Emergency Committee. After Kryuchkov’s arrest he was inundated with all kinds of accusations. Thus, according to Oleksandr Formanchuk in his book “Myths of the Soviet era”, ally of Mikhail Gorbachev, the architect of Perestroika Alexander Yakovlev suddenly said that Vladimir Kryuchkov was going to kill him. In order to protect himself, Yakovlev had to write several letters revealing Kryuchkov. These letters in the event of the death of “the architect” had to go to some sort of the three recipients.

Vladimir Kryuchkov deny all Yakovleva words, as they deny the story of the ex-KGB colonel on the preparation of Boris Yeltsin’s attempt. In addition, according to Nikolay Zenkovich, the author of the publication “The Assassination and the Staging: From Lenin to Yeltsin”, Hooks told his lawyer Ivanov to appeal to the Attorney General with a request for verification of the revelations and of Yakovlev, and a failed killer Yeltsin. Ivanov was very surprised at this request and asked Kryukov, do we want to be accused even in these crimes.

the conclusion of the case and the grounds for the slander

The validation during the conversion of Vladimir Kryuchkov to the prosecutor’s office was delayed due to the need to obtain information outside the Russian Federation. However, in the end, Kryuchkov received a response to your request. What was the answer, wrote Kryuchkov in his memoir “Personal File”. Prosecutors refused to initiate criminal charges against Boris Yeltsin “in the absence of the event”. A similar ruling was issued in connection with the allegations of Alexander Yakovlev. At least, he argued, Vladimir Kryuchkov.

the former KGB chairman only lamented the fact that Yakovlev was not prosecuted for defamation. However, this is not possible, since figsurinova’s documents were not a statement by the Perestroika ideologue, but only articles published in the media. However, most historians and biographers believe that the word Yakovleva, as well as the information about the operation “Oriental Dance” is a blatant lie. For example, Fedor Razzakov suggests that the interview with the KGB colonel, who was supposed to kill Yeltsin, was just a “duck” newspaper, intended to worsen the condition and position of the arrested Vladimir Kryuchkov.

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