Nrityakosh will present the history of belly dancing

Designed and choreographed by Debapriya Das, the event will feature 40 veteran belly dancers from across the city

Designed and choreographed by Debapriya Das, the event will feature 40 veteran belly dancers from across the city

Belly dancing has captured our fancy so much that the form has made inroads into Bollywood and is also part of the contemporary vocabulary movement here. What is interesting is to know when this form started and how it has evolved over the years, sweeping dancers and audiences across the world, with its sensual movements.

This is exactly Nriyakosh’s goal. Nrityakosh, a Bengaluru-based belly dance school and production house founded by belly dancer Debapriya Das, will stage Safar-E-Raqs 2nd of July. “This is a theatrical production of belly dancing that travels from the late 1790s to the present day, revealing how the dance has been adapted to different cultures and audiences. The dance is a collaborative effort between the Nrityakosh Dance Company and several veteran belly dancers from Bengaluru,” says Debabpriya, who explains that the evening will take the audience through Middle Eastern folk dances, classical and modern oriental styles, and belly Indian and tribal fusion. dance repertoire.

About forty dancers, trained by Debapriya, will perform in this 80-minute production. “The history of belly dancing has been very vague because there was no formal documentation. But, of late, academic research exploded in this area and now we find constant updates that give us insight of the history and origin of this dance form, which inspired this production”, explains Debapriya, who worked on Safar-E-Raqs for two years.

She then reveals that the evening will be divided into three parts – traditional forms of belly dancing from the Middle East and the influence of the western world in the 1900s, the second part focuses on the development of the modern style of belly dancing such as oriental-style classical dance, influence of folk dance and influence of American cabaret. “The third part focuses on fusion belly dancing, which has become a genre in itself, which occurs mainly in the United States. We then end the evening with an Indian fusion belly dancing show”.

Safar-E-Raqs is scheduled for July 2 at the Bangalore International Centre, Domlur, at 5 and 7:30 p.m. Tickets, priced at ₹450, available at

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