NEWSPORT DAILY-Belly dance group Mossman rallies for domestic violence awareness

“Every year women contact me and get help with their dangerous relationships. These are just the people I know personally. I hope there are others who got help and/or advice privately and walked away from danger after hearing Shimmy Mob’s message.

Belly dance love at first sight

A ballet dancer most of her life, Ms. Thompson was blown away the first time she tried belly dancing. “It was like stepping into another world. Exotic music, women of all ages, shapes and sizes moving together, smiling and laughing and without judgement. I fell in love immediately and never looked back.

“The best thing about belly dancing is that there is no right or wrong way to dance. Every body is unique and belly dancing encourages you to move in the best way to you.

Accessible to everyone

Ms Thompson said non-dancers can also sign up and be part of the Shimmy Mob team. “The choreography is deliberately easy and inclusive, everyone is encouraged to try it,” she said.

She adds that belly dancing is not just for women, “men and children are also welcomed by Shimmy Mob and Belly Dance with Rochelle”.

Proceeds from registration go to local DV services, and the Mossman team supports the Cairns Regional Domestic Violence Service (CRDVS). Registration closes March 31 and flashmob day is May 14.

You can verify for more information about the organization. For more information on the event or to register you can contact Rochelle at 0476195738 or at Facebook.

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