New ‘Permission to Dance’ MV Features BTS Fan Videos


International Sensations BTS has released the new music video for their song “Permission to Dance” with covers from fans around the world.

In an interview led by Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook shared that they launched the “Permission to Dance” challenge to send a message of unity. at a time when the novel coronavirus is continually tearing the world apart.

According to Jungkook, BTS has sought to “give people a good influence and positive energy” and make the world even “a little better” during this difficult time.

“I get more energy and comfort when we’re together than when I’m alone,” J-Hope explained. “Even though it’s not a huge crowd, even if it’s just the seven of us, there is a lot of encouragement and inspiration. So I think doing something together gives a huge meaning to the world as well as ‘to me.”

The Bangtan boys, who have openly confessed that the pandemic has taken a toll on their emotional and mental well-being in previous interviews and streams, admitted to seeing the clippings sent by fans console them.

“Actually, the purpose of this challenge was to send a positive message to people, but we also felt grateful, comforted and received positive energy as we watched people take on the challenge,” Jimin said.

“I don’t know if they also have more energy from us, but watching them gives us more energy,” Jin continued. “Actually their situation might be a little more difficult than others, but just being together gives us a lot of strength and we want to try harder and show them more.”

V, on the other hand, told Martin that seeing the submissions made him realize the massive extent of their influence.

“I felt that there were ARMYs and people listening to our music in more countries than I thought. After watching the videos, we were very reassured,” the singer said.

Not only did the music video “Permission to Dance (Shorts Challenge ver.)” Feature clips from fans from many countries such as Philippines, France, Australia, US, India, UK, South Korea, Mexico, Japan, etc. its very diverse demographics also featured catches of children, teens, adults, the elderly (including the legendary Elton John), as well as the disabled.

“Like the words of PTD, there is no permission to dance. Anyone can move their body when they hear music. They can express that they have permission to express themselves in their own way,” he said. urged RM.

BTS, which has long woven strong social messages into its releases, has become a driving force in breaking the glass ceiling of Asian pop in the West, as well as a global mark of love and acceptance.

Suga, however, admitted that leading a movement bigger than them is undoubtedly immense pressure for just seven guys “who like to make music.”

“That’s not what we decided when we became singers. But when we think about taking the impact we have and having a positive influence on a lot of people, the answer was to do what we can do. “, did he declare.

“I try very hard to live up to their expectations … I think our team made very brilliant music and good both in the lyrics and the message, so in a way I do a lot of music. ‘efforts to live like a good person,’ reasoned the rapper.

Likewise, RM revealed that the group sometimes doubts the quality of their material.

“When we look at ourselves, sometimes we have the impression that we are next to nothing. We ask ourselves the question of these sound wave files: can this change the world? all this choreography, the movements – sometimes it just seems meaningless, ”he recalls.

He continued, “But when you see the fans, their eyes when we dance and sing in front of them, their energy, their honesty, their message, their letters and their lyrics – those are the only reasons we haven’t given. and that’s the only reason the group exists. “

In the midst of the enormous challenge now entrusted to them, RM reiterated that it is the ARMY that keeps them down and pushes them through.

“When we had our stage in the stadiums it symbolized a lot of things. We played in front of 50,000 to 60,000 people. At that point we felt like something and we should be a better man, a better group. , a better team for the people here, ”he said.

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