Naama Fitness & Wellness offers a unique belly dancing experience for mature women

No one is too old or too weak to belly dance. Naama Fitness & Wellness offers various belly dancing classes suitable for everyone.

Belly dancing is a fitness activity often associated with the younger generation. However, UK-based belly dance teacher Naama says otherwise. Its unique programs are carefully curated to help older women experience the exotic beauty of belly dancing and reap its health benefits.

Belly dancing makes you move better and feel better. It is suitable for women of all ages, shapes and sizes. It’s a great way to work your body, improve your strength, balance and flexibility, and tone up while having fun,” says Naama Gelber, owner and founder of Naama Fitness & Wellness.

Naama is an avid Pilates and belly dance teacher with over eight years in the industry. She is also a Senior Fitness Specialist and Nutrition Advisor. By combining her expertise in these areas, Naama enables women who think they are too old or weak for belly dancing to find enjoyment and fitness in the craft. Many of her clients have mobility issues, such as knee and back problems.

She works personally with each client to identify the best corrective exercises that improve their mobility and coordination. Naama’s lessons and classes are tailored to their current skills and needs. Every step and every exercise is accurately delivered in a simple, fun, and easy-to-follow way.

Currently, Naama offers live interactive classes on Zoom. The online classes started at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, in April 2020, as a way for Naama to boost the spirits of its clients in lockdown. This led to his famous zoom session called Monday BellyBoogie, followed by beginners and more advanced students. They all dance together and have fun. They have formed a group of empowered, friendly and supportive women.

In BellyBoogie, complete beginners learn the basics of belly dancing and begin to build the muscles needed to perform graceful yet powerful dance moves.

Online learning is a huge hit for students because they can dance at home without worrying about stares or judgment. At home, they can be their own private dancers. As Naama said, “Dance to your rhythm in your space.”

Naama has also developed a pre-recorded online course suitable for complete beginners. This class will teach students some basic steps and movements. Students may find themselves dancing after the first session. Naama hopes that by signing up for this course, more people will be confident to join her live Monday BellyBoogie, which is FREE for everyone who has purchased her course. She wants to spread the love for belly dancing as much as possible.

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