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SECUNDA – Originally from Mexico City and performing at numerous shows and festivals around the world, Ms. Amar Lammar has now moved to Secunda and teaches her Bellydance talents and skills to dance enthusiasts and fitness fanatics.

She had spent 12 years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and had adapted belly dancing styles in all Arab countries.

“It’s funny, the first thing people ask me is how I got here,” Ms. Lammar said with a laugh.

She met her husband, who is from South Africa, at the airport in Dubai.

Ms. Amar Lammar teaches belly dancing at Secunda.

The couple’s love blossomed from emails, long distance dating and finally getting married in 2016.

She started dancing at the age of six and started oriental dancing at the age of 12.

At the age of 20, she had seen her first contract outside Mexico to India.

“My family always supports me.

“When I started working permanently in the United Arab Emirates, I only saw my family once a year.

“Although they got used to it, my mom always thought that someday I would move back to Mexico,” Lammar said.

Ms Lammar is the youngest of six siblings and hopes her family travels to South Africa once Covid calms down.

“Belly dancing for me at first was the unknown. It is unique and glamorous.

As the era of belly dancing began to evolve and musician Shakira made dancing even more popular, Ms. Lammar began teaching the art of belly dancing.

Once her talent was spotted, she went from contract to contract and performed in many countries.

For now, she brings her love of oriental dance to the locals and enjoys teaching other oriental dance cultures that she has adapted during her years of performing abroad.

“I now teach full time and love it. Belly dancing is for everyone.

“People of all ages and sizes can enjoy this form of dance. “

She said it’s also a friendly and fun form of exercise.

“Belly dancing is a great way to stay active, it’s beautiful and a feminine way to stay in shape.”

Ms. Amar Lammar has opened her belly dance studio at the Lifestyle Center at Ext22 Secunda.

It aims to see local talent perform abroad.

“I am grateful for the experiences I have had and would love to see our local dancers do the same.”

She also spoke about all the different forms of cultural costumes, dance styles, art and traditions that Arabic dance has to offer.

Although there are many forms of belly dancing, Ms. Lammar is proficient in the Saidican dance styles, Raks Saif – sword dance, Raks Shamadan – candelabra dance and Khaleeji dance – from the Persian Gulf.

“Belly dancing is a beauty, an art and a story and has put me in touch with many other cultures different from my own,” Ms. Lammar said.

Ms. Lammar has now opened Harakat Oriental Dance Studio at the Lifestyle Center at Ext22. His classes take place in the morning and in the evening from Monday to Thursday.

The courses offered are Basic 1, Basic 2, BellyKIDS, BellyFit (Cardio pleasure), and professional belly dance coaching and private dance lessons.

Online courses are also available.

While teaching the art of belly dancing, also helps create positive body awareness.

It is a low to medium impact form of exercise that helps tone the figure.

Belly dancing also helps increase self-confidence and helps with body coordination.

For more information, you can follow his Facebook page at Harakat Oriental Dance.

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