Maniesh Paul wants to learn belly dancing!


Maniesh Paul’s interesting welcoming style and the powerful dance moves of the contestants caught the attention of all who were seated in the lobby of Le Meridien Hotel, New Delhi, for the press conference of “Indias Best Dancer-Season 2 “with the tagline #BestKaNextAvtar.

The four competitors Akash Tambedkar, Varun Dagar, Mohana Srivastava and Muskaan Singh also performed. While Akash from Mumbai does hip hop, Varun is the best at street dance style, Mohana, a lawyer by profession, does belly dancing and Muskaan specializes in Kathak.

The show will be judged by Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapur and Terence Lewis. They will be called ENT specialists. It is entertainment, novelty and technique. While Malaika will rate the “Entertainment” quotient in each act, Geeta will look for “Newness” in the movements and Terence will explain the perfection in the “Technique”. The show will start from October 16.

“The creators wanted to do something better, so they called me in as the host,” laughs Mainesh adding, “the contestants are really great and we’re shooting during the Covid 19 period with all the restrictions, but j I really enjoyed it all the same. “

What novelty do you find in hosting this dance reality show? “The jury is new to me. I worked with them but on separate shows. I never had the chance to be with everyone in the same show.

Maniesh is hosting this dance reality show for the first time, but he feels his audience expects more from the show. “The public’s expectation is greater and the candidates are stronger than I thought. In addition, I came across new styles of dancing. Like I have to say belly dancing is so beautiful and I would love to learn it. He also pointed to competitor Varun Dagar, a street artist from Delhi and said, “Varun’s dancing style is so new to me. In fact, we start to cry when he plays. His dance steps seem divine to me.

He adds, “I am delighted to start this new journey with one of the biggest dance reality shows on Indian TV – ‘India’s Best Dancer 2’. Over the past season, we’ve all seen the kind of talent the show has attracted, and this time around, I can’t wait to see the show raise its bar above and beyond. As the show will be presented soon, we are very excited to launch the first stage of promotions in Delhi! It’s a happy coincidence that Navratri sets the tone for India’s best dancer. Delhi is my first home and I have fond memories associated with this city. So, it’s like a homecoming for me. I am delighted to welcome and welcome some of the best dance talent in the country to my hometown.

“I will try as the host to entertain the audience in a new way this time,” Maniesh concludes.

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