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Reddit user thecountnotthesaint took to the AskMen forum for some of the best marriage advice that “seemed silly” but was actually helpful.

The question was inspired by advice the Reddit user had received from their father, who claimed that a king-size bed was key to a happy marriage. “I’d be damned if this wasn’t one of the best decisions we’ve made outside of getting married and having kids,” they wrote.

Much of the advice was to be careful not to turn small disagreements into bigger arguments that could get personal and ugly. Many people believe that to be successful in a marriage, you have to be able to compromise and let things go quickly.

Here are some of the best answers to the question: “What advice on random marriage seemed absurd but was actually helpful?”


“Dad said ‘Be nice even if you don’t feel it. Maybe especially if you don’t feel it.'” — semanticist


“When I got married, my wife’s grandmother gave me such funny, weird, and solid advice. She said, ‘If you get mad at each other, go to bed naked and see if you can fix the problem before you go to bed. “So far so good. Birthday Monday!” — drizzyjdraco


“The advice I’ve given people is this: if you can go shopping with your person and have the best time of your life, you’ve got yourself a keeper. It’s about making the most of your mundane things, because after years together, life becomes predictable. You’ll have to keep the spice going no matter what you do. Source: Married 15 years.” — LemonFizzy0000


“My grandfather told me ‘Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink.’ What I learned was that he was always helping my grandma and that’s when they talked the most.” — t480


“When our child was about to be born, someone told me to change the first diaper. If you can manage the first, the others will be easy.” So I did. I didn’t know what I was doing, so I asked the hospital nurse to teach me, and changed the first few diapers while my wife recovered from a difficult delivery. Advice was correct, no other layer was as disgusting as the first one. It became very easy and I didn’t mind doing it, and my wife was really, really grateful. And I loved being able to take on some of the parenting duties, because there was so much that she was the only one…equipped to provide.” — serious words


“Focus on solving the problem, not on each other.” — bobbobbobbobbob123


“Don’t have too high expectations. My dad told us that, but we found that most of our early fights happened when one or the other had unspoken expectations of him. each other or marriage. Being married is positively life changing, and an amazing experience, but life goes on.”— nopants_ranchdance


“Marry him for who he is. Not its potential. — There-is-no-beyond


“My mother-in-law just passed away and dad said something that profoundly changed my attitude: ‘The little things that used to piss me off are the ones that I miss now.’ So yeah, for some reason she’s pressing a huge ball of toothpaste that mostly falls into the sink and she doesn’t wash away the toothpaste spit-up If/when she’s gone, that constant little annoyance that reminds me she’s there will Don’t nag the little things, rather embrace them (Nevertheless, let her know that she has made progress on other things I’ve highlighted, as I try to accommodate her wishes). —drawkungfu


“Say thank you for everyday things, even taking out the trash, sweeping the floor or folding the laundry. Hearing an audible thank you reinforces the feeling of being appreciated.” —BVolatte


“Randomly give your partner a cold drink on a hot day. It’s the little things that show you care.” —Purple12Inchruler


“You don’t just marry him, you marry his whole fucking family.”
— crazypersn


“One of my colonels said to me, ‘Just buy two goddamn pizzas, instead of arguing over the toppings.'”—MgoBlue702


“Be honest. Don’t lie to your partner.” — Mikeydeeluxe


“Don’t marry a woman whose father calls her ‘princess’, because she probably believes him. Much to his regret, my brother ignored this advice from our father.” — Toad9622


“My fiancé always says ‘just because’ flowers are the best flowers.” — agaribay1010


“My grandfather, who has been married for over 50 years, said to me, ‘Tell him you love him every day.’ A little obvious, but I definitely took it to heart.” — sorelk


“Love isn’t about having ‘good feelings for each other’. It’s about doing something for someone else’s good, even if you don’t feel like it. Emotions will change. Your willingness to treat your spouse a certain way doesn’t have to. sir plaint


“Bill Maher said ‘The three most important words in a relationship are not ‘I love you’, but ‘let it go’. Oddly enough, it turned out to be some of the best relationship advice I’ve ever heard.”

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