Lion dance teams bring good luck for Lunar New Year

HONOLULU (KHON2) — There are no big celebrations in Hawaii like there were before the pandemic to usher in the Year of the Tiger. However, some lion dance teams still celebrated the Lunar New Year, bringing good luck to everyone they performed for.

Oahu’s Asian Lion Dance Team said COVID-19 has made it difficult for them to share their passion for culture and tradition.

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“The pandemic is that you can’t have large gatherings, you know, without it being really safe,” group coordinator Brandon Ho said. “So that’s affected us in a lot of ways. We haven’t really been able to train as hard as we’d like and we’ve had very few performances over the past few years.

The group must now also follow COVID-19 protocols.

“We wear gloves, Ho explained. “We wear masks. We sanitize our lions and basically sanitize anything that comes in contact with anyone, just to try to make it as safe as possible. »

Chinese New Year is an exciting time for all members of the Asian lion dance team, as they hope to share with people the true way of lion dance.

“The misconception is always that lions scare away evil spirits,” Ho said. “That’s not what lions do. Firecrackers are supposed to scare away bad things. Then what happens is the lions come in and bring good luck wherever they go.

The Asian lion dance team has members as young as four years old.

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“We hope that everyone who joins us will enjoy the culture and the beauty of tradition.”

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