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It’s been about five months since things were shut down or gone virtual. Have you learned anything new since then? If so, so much the better! If nothing comes to your mind, then there is nothing to worry about. It’s never too late to start! There is so much you can learn to help in everyday life, or even just for fun. Some courses give diplomas and certificates while other courses are great for your well-being to be used in the future. With a little extra time, now is the perfect time to check out these virtual classrooms.

California Community Colleges

Let’s start with the educational courses that are good to take right now! If you are looking to enroll in a community college, now is the time to take the next step towards a degree. Obtaining an associate’s degree is great for your education, career, and education in general. Check out all local community colleges to find out which courses you want to take that match your degree goals. Prices vary by class, but this investment in your future is priceless.


The great thing about edX is that you can earn a certificate that you can put on your LinkedIn, so employers know about the extra work you’re doing! Take courses that span chapters for a few weeks in order to get the best grade possible. Some courses have a price, while others are free – you only have to pay for the certificate upon completion. Look for the free courses and even audit one if you want to test the quizzes and the workload.

ABC Adult School

ABC Adult School is perfect for anyone who wants to make positive and rapid change. Take a course next season for everything you need and want to learn. If you are considering starting your career in automotive, styling, entertainment, or education, ABC Adult School has a program. Check out their website and catalogs for more information on the course, career options, and everything you need to know to take the next step. The lessons are cheap, the hours are flexible and the places are everywhere!

Learning LinkedIn

You might call it the Facebook of professionals, but you have to admit that LinkedIn is a great place to find work. Turn your online profile into your virtual CV to get to know you better, your experience and your training. LinkedIn Learning is a great way to watch videos and read articles that will help you market yourself better. Make your LinkedIn profile the best way for employers to want to give you the big job you’ve been dreaming of hearing about. With so many resources online, there are no excuses!


When gyms closed, virtual exercise classes exploded. Online classes and workouts are limitless, so there’s a lot of research to find the trainers that are right for you. We have found POPSUGAR Fitness to be a fun and effective workout class that will make you sweat the whole video. We tried the video – and we had to take a break. Stick with the program, and each video will prepare you for the next! Make sure to keep a bottle of water in your living room because this home workout will need it!


Buenos Dias! Or hello! Learning a new language can always be difficult, but Babbel has always been great and easy. Their online courses will allow you to learn the basics like counting, ordering food, or requesting locations. Keep practicing and you can have full conversations with other people. Whatever language you wish to learn, Babbel is a great place to start your new language training.

Online Cooking School

What are you eating for dinner tonight? Chances are, you can learn how to cook it even better! Check out the online cooking school to discover new recipes for everything related to break, lunch, dinner and dessert. You will learn how to cook dinner for yourself or even for a social distancing family dinner. Along with the awesome cooking videos with written details, you can also buy all the tools you will need to produce the best quality meal. Discover all the specialist chefs so you can follow the one with your exquisite cooking style.

Mudguard set

You may have attended concerts or watched a movie about musicians. How cool do guitarists look? Very cool. When the lead guitarist is playing, everyone is listening, and he’s the coolest person in the room. Whether you like acoustic or electric guitars, you can learn using the online lessons at Fender Play. We have tried it and they make each lesson as easy as possible for new or experienced students. Stay consistent and focus on each lesson, and you’ll be up and playing with your friends in no time.

Tree of Life Nourish

Most classes are great for learning, while Tree of Life Nutrition classes are great for you and your newborn. New parents can learn a lot about the Tree of Life diet, including how to begin breastfeeding basics, introduce solids, and feeding therapy. Check out their list of webinar options or host a private class for more tips. Share with all friends and family members who are expected or new to the parenting world!


No, it’s not necessarily like Napoleon Dynamite, but it will still be fun to learn to dance at home. If you want to learn how to break dancing when you’re back in the clubs, be our guest! Or check out the other dancing options, including ballroom dancing, salsa, bachata, or even belly dancing. Whatever new dance you want to learn, they have a class for you. Can you believe they also have a category for “easy dance moves for guys?” “

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