Kicking off the fifth edition of the Breaking Walls Dance Festival

Today, Wednesday, the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo directed by Dr. Davide Scalmani hosts the fifth edition of the “Breaking Walls Festival”

During this, a live dance was presented and a discussion on the arts and climate change took place, with the participation of:

Sarah Refaat, theater actress and founding member of Khayyat Troupe for Interactive Theatre.

– Aladdin Tawfik, Brand Manager, The Grinch Corporation.

– Hazem Haidar, artistic director of the Knot Contemporary Dance Troupe and the Breaking Walls Festival.

Nermin Saeed, who is participating in the launch of the fifth edition of the “Breaking Walls” festival.

“Nermine Said” who will participate in the 5th edition of the Breaking Walls Festival.

Nermine Said is an Egyptian costume designer; Said holds a master’s degree in folk theater from Cairo Academy of Arts and a bachelor’s degree in theater from the American University in Cairo. Nermine also holds a Diploma in Fashion Design and Tailoring from Thomson Education-Direct.

Nermine Said designs costumes for theater and cinema. She is interested in the analysis of characters, the symbolic powers of accessories and the psychological influence of colors. However, through her passion for theater and scenography, she has broadened her interests to visual arts and installations.

Her merit in the field of visual arts and installations as an art director, producer and designer, was her costume installation exhibition KHOTOUM (2014) which was presented in Cairo, Helsinki and London. And in 2020 she was part of Costume Agency online exhibition at Critical costume conference where she exhibited Khotoum2 (2020) for the first time.

The musician Mohammed Sami

A graduate of the Arabic Music Institute, Sami is known for playing a fusion of Arabic/classical music and learned Egyptian Oriental music for two years with his mentor and maestro Abdo Dagher.

He has worked with international artists and groups such as Fathy Salama, Frederick Gill, Moricio Lazaro, Bjorn Meyer, Lena Chamamyan among other musicians.

He is also known to have participated in a variety of Egyptian projects such as the formation of Baladi Band in 2012, Black Theama Band, Bashir band and “El Dor El Awal”.
He has composed for many projects and composed his own solo album titled “From Far Away” in 2012 and performed it in Switzerland and Egypt.

Hazem Header

Hazem Header is an Egyptian contemporary dancer, choreographer and artistic director of ÑUT Dance Company – NDC and Breaking Walls Festival.

Hazem will perform a multi-disciplinary demo (work in progress) that puts a title on the crimes that have been committed and still ongoing against nature for thousands of years by us humans; and raise awareness of the environment and climate change through art

The secondary guest of the round table is Alaaedeen Tawfik.

Alaaedeen is a young Cairo-based designer, 2D animator and impact artist. He developed his interest in environmental solutions, and is currently responsible for the Greenish brand. As an environmentalist, Alaaedeen strives to leave an impact that inspires younger generations to create more solutions and act more sustainably.

Sarah Rifaat is one of our speakers at the roundtable on arts and climate change.

Sarah Rifaat studied Media and Theater at the American University in Cairo, she is an instructor/facilitator with over 10 years of experience facilitating workshops and sessions for community communication, environmental education in aiding art and campaigning on climate change issues in Egypt and the Arab world. She also practices various types of applied theater and is the co-founder of Khoyout Troup. Sarah is passionate about using community communication techniques and applied theater technologies to build community and create spaces for communication.

About the Khoyout troupe:
Independent group specializing in applied and interactive theater, created in 2016 with the aim of using theater as a tool for development and social change. They carried out 29 exhibitions and workshops in independent Art Spaces and in partnership with artistic and development institutions.

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