How belly dancing changed Wendy

Wendy Goldberg has been practicing Middle Eastern dance better known as belly dancing since 2005.

“My friend kept inviting me to one of her belly dancing classes and I decided to attend a class, but one became two and two became three,” Wendy said.

Today she is an instructor, choreographer and performer in her own studio called Samira Oriental Dance Studio in Brackenhurst.

More than just belly dancing

Wendy Goldberg with her dance students.

Wendy has been studying and sharing her love of Middle Eastern dance for 17 years. In 2020, she opened her own studio with the aim of attracting women and educating them in Middle Eastern dance.

“We are committed to promoting and preserving the oldest and most exotic dances, as well as creating an atmosphere of positive encouragement and establishing a sisterhood where all women feel welcome and where the only limits are those that we impose on ourselves,” she explained. .”

Also, I have to add that my first belly dancing teacher, Desiree Edwards, was a huge inspiration to me, I really owe her a lot of credit,” she said.

Wendy loves performing at events and functions like weddings, kitchen teas and more.

“I do not enter or participate in any competitions because I belly dance for love and fun.”

In her classes, she shares her passion for this dance with her students of all levels in the hope that many more generations of dancers will continue to explore all that this dance has to offer.

Classes include teaching basic to advanced techniques, use of props, choreography, stage presence, costumes and much more.

“I am in love with Middle Eastern culture, their music and their dance.

Wendy Goldberg performing a dance with fire.

“Being able to do both practice and theory interests me.” Wendy is always busy studying more cultures and dance techniques.

She usually performs with props such as veils, fire, a sword, tambourines, and a shamadan.

Wendy loves all dance styles, but the one that stands out is the Lebanese style because it is the one she identifies with the most.

For her, Middle Eastern dance is part of her life and something she is passionate about.

Benefits of Middle Eastern Dance

Wendy Goldberg playing with a shamadan.

“Belly dancing is challenging and fun, but its benefits and health benefits are vastly underestimated.”

Wendy said the list of benefits is long, but she shared some that she can relate to:

• It helps you find your feminine side.

• It’s a way to gain strength and tone those muscles.

• Belly dancing, like most other forms of dance, causes your body to release endorphins and dopamine into your body – the “feel good” hormones. You’re always guaranteed to leave a class feeling good about yourself and your productivity.

• Belly dancing incorporates many movements and postures similar to yoga and pilates that work the spine, knees and pelvic areas of the body. Your back, knees, and pelvis are all conditioned to be in the correct position for healthy movement execution.

• Belly dancing classes are a great way to make new friends who have a similar interest and to meet people from all walks of life. You can experience your dance journey together and discover new people and their stories, which is a tremendous emotional boost. It’s a great way to learn and develop deeper connections with other people.

Belly dancing can be a meditative experience, especially the “recovery” part of the class at the end with its captivating music!

If you want to experience the benefits of Bellydance classes for yourself, why not try Wendy’s classes?

this and that

Wendy Goldberg enjoys performing for others.

Wendy was born and raised in Alberton with her two brothers. She went to Kenton Elementary School and enrolled in Bracken High School.

Prior to her journey with belly dancing, she was a very passionate ballet dancer. “I always do ballet as a complement to belly dancing. Dancing is part of my DNA,” she said.

She has been married for 10 years to Riaan Visser and she has a daughter.

When she’s not performing or teaching others, she works as a full-time wedding and event planner. Her biggest inspiration in life is her husband and her parents.

“They’re such a positive influence on me, and they keep me going.”

In her spare time, which isn’t much, she enjoys gardening and being creative. “I like to draw and paint. Doing things around the house is also very therapeutic for me,” she said.

Wendy Goldberg is a professional belly dancer and instructor.

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