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Hawssa Dance fitness team. Photo: Captain Sherif Ahmed

“When I created the Egyptian dance training program, my first thought was to highlight Egyptian and Eastern musical cultures,” Sherif Ahmed, founder of the Hawssa dance and fitness program, told Ahram Online.

The Hawssa Dance Fitness Program deploys song types of Arabic music using movements from Oriental Belly Dance, Nubian Dance, Saidi (Upper Egypt), Khaliji, Rai, and Dance Arabic folklore (dabke), which are all merged and mixed with fitness movements, ”Ahmed added.

Ahmed holds a bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Physical Education and the Faculty of Social Work in France.

As a young athlete, the Egyptian coach was a former bodybuilder in the France team before returning to Egypt in 2010 where he designed and created his own “Hawssa” Egyptian dance fitness program in 2019.

The courses have a different atmosphere; trainees strive non-stop for an hour to listen to the latest versions of trendy Arabic music.

Each song has three or four musical phrases, each employing the same physical movement. The movements are clearly linked to the melodic line, flowing easily and naturally from one to the other.

Hawssa instructors release eight new songs every two months. The coaches themselves select two or three new songs every six weeks for their trainees.

“There are no awkward or complicated physically demanding movements. Skills are constantly improving. The more you practice, the better you will master your movements, ”he confirmed.

“It’s pleasing to the ears of the trainees. It’s so close to their language and their cultural heritage,” Ahmed added.

The dance fitness program is certified by the CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council-United States Education Scientific and Cultural Organization) in Paris. The CID is the official umbrella organization for all forms of dance in the world and is the official partner of UNESCO.

The place attracts professionals from many countries, 70 Egyptians and 130 professional Hawssa instructors from all over the world.

Instructors point out that the benefits for physical, mental, and emotional health are endless.

It has the same physical benefits as cardio workouts. It helps in losing weight with a well planned nutritious diet. It also improves neuromuscular, musculoskeletal coordination, rapid body response, decreases depression, reduces stress, anxiety disorders, increases energy level, improves mood, blood circulation and circulation.

“The Hawssa dance fitness program is aerobic exercise like running and swimming. These are not body toning exercises, ”explained Ahmed.

“This increases the efficiency of the heart’s ability to pump blood, allowing more oxygen to reach muscles and organs,” he added.

The Fitness Program is an easy-to-follow choreography routine that focuses on a balanced range of motion and coordination.

Professional instructors who wish to be Hawsaa Certified Trainers can complete an application form and complete 150 hours of training before becoming a coach. Then, they go through a process of obtaining certification for practice as a professional instructor.

The Hawssa app is designed to make it easier to practice at home. It guides beginners to explore and see the movements in slow motion to know how to perform them correctly.

“We’re making few changes, adding new features and updates to the version. An application will be available to all users by next February, ”he concluded.

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