Get moving in these 7 unique dance classes in Birmingham

Birmingham has so many unique dance classes to try. (WYRD Art Group)

Looking to start a new hobby or perhaps rekindle a past passion for dancing? We’ve rounded up some unique dance classes in Birmingham for you to get away from it all. Keep reading to get the details.

1. Bellydance beginner

Image 54 Get moving in these 7 unique dance classes in Birmingham
You’ll be dancing inside, don’t worry! (WYRD Studio)

Raise your elbows to the sun and learn to belly dance with Ash. This low impact dance is guaranteed to boost your confidence while helping you tone your muscles. Interested? All you need are soft ballet flats or your bare feet and a bodysuit! Those 12 years and older can enroll in these dance classes, but those under 18 must be registered by an adult.

2. PYT Dance Pole

Get moving in these 7 unique dance classes in Birmingham
Are you ready? (Studio PYT/Instagram)

If you’re looking for a way to have fun while exercising, check out PYT. This pole dance studio was founded by Niya Jackson in 2009. Last week I took an introductory class that lasted an hour and I promise you it was worth it. You’re usually paired with someone who helps you master the moves so you don’t look like a mess.

3. Pole Dancing | Steel studio

Whether you want to take a group lesson or a private lesson, Studio Steel offers pole dancing lessons for Birmingham residents interested in learning. If you are 18 or older, you can enroll in one of the courses offered. Dance and drink lots of water.

PS—they are moving to a new location soon. Check it out below.

4. Adult Faucet | The Dance Foundation

For all that jazz, sign up for an adult tap class with The Dance Foundation in Birmingham. You will appreciate that they offer beginner and intermediate classes. They also offer dance lessons, including adult ballet if that’s more your style.

5. Pilates | Aero Joe

dance classes
Located at Pepper Place. (Bham now)

As for unique dance classes, Aero Joe offers pilates, a form of dance that focuses on stretching the body through deep muscle and body movement. It is a remarkable exercise of the whole person. In other words, at Aero Joe, you can relieve postural imbalances, improve flexibility, and boost your overall mood.

6. Bantaba Dance | Dance of Ursula Smith

To learn more about West African dance, try taking a class with Ursula Smith Dance. Discover the different dance styles of sub-Saharan Africa right here in Birmingham. It’s liberating and fun!

7. Aziza from Birmingham

When it comes to belly dancing lessons in Birmingham, the choice is yours! Aziza has taught and taught Classical Egyptian Middle Eastern Belly Dancing for over 40 years in this field. She even traveled to Cairo, Egypt to compete in the region’s first non-Egyptian Bellydance competition.

Do you have a unique dance class in Birmingham that you like to go to? Tag us @BhamNow to let us know.

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