Free dance lessons in Durban courtesy of Sherwin Green’s passion


From backyard dance challenges to hosting free dance classes for Durban youth at the famous BAT Community Arts Center, Sherwin Green gives back so much.


At the age of 21, Sherwin Green managed to work with renowned brands like Mr Price, Discovery and Toughees – to name a few – simply because of his ardent passion for dancing. He crosses all these milestones by opening free dance classes at the BAT Center, located in the belly of the city of Durban.

When the first wave of COVID-19 hit us in 2020, the world was mostly digital and we were all connected through things like dancing. Green, who grew up in Wentworth, was one of the people who was already a mover and he and his friend thought about running the hashtag ‘# 031heat’ with other dancers in his community, to connect them with others. dancers in other parts of the country through challenges and other trending songs and movements.

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What started in his garden with his friend, August, flourished in dance lessons he gives to young people at the famous community arts center in Durban.

He admits that it’s not all about idling and hoping things will turn out.

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Hear how it all started:

Dance dance


The young dreamer is definitely moving with the kind of passion and energy he has. Now we all wonder how he ended up with this gig, leading young aspiring dancers to their dreams at the BAT Center?

“Sometimes, you know, views don’t pay the bills and likes and followers don’t actually pay the bill,” he shared. It was then that he decided to put an end to the challenges of dancing on social media and took the step towards what he admits to having feared at first.

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Sherwin’s dreams are to dominate the arts internationally. He wanted a step that would bring him closer to that aspiration. What crossed his mind was “What can I do to make my name even bigger?” “

“I just thought to myself, but just let me start dancing lessons.”

It wasn’t as easy as we said, there were a few people who took it to this national platform.

Hear how he is a sponsored choreographer in residence at the BAT Center:

The sky is definitely the limit for Sherwin Green.

He hopes to have junior classes, as well as adult classes. For now, these are the intermediate classes.

Listen to the full Sherwin Green podcast:

Visit the BAT Center on Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. if you wish to participate.

You can also find Sherwin on Instagram: @sherwinmarkgreen.


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