‘Fashion designer’ charged with defrauding Oxford cash loans

A suspected scammer allegedly posed as an Italian fashion designer in an attempt to obtain cash loans.

Vincenzo Tolomelli, 44, is said to have made fraudulent claims in order to secure cash loans worth more than £17,000 in Oxford last September and October.

Using the same modus operandii, claiming to be an Italian fashion designer, he is accused of applying for a cash loan of £2,750 at Cowley Road on September 14, 2021, a cash loan of £3,200 at Mansfield Road on the 25 September and £1,900 on October 9, a cash loan of £1,900 at Woodstock Road on October 7 and an £8,000 loan at Parks Road, Oxford on October 29.

He is also said to have made fraudulent representations in London and Coventry.

In all, Tolomelli faces 12 counts of fraud by false representation. The allegations date from June to December 2021 and six of the charges are believed to have been committed in Oxford.

Tolomelli, of Ely Place, London, was due to appear in Westminster Magistrates’ Court last month to answer the dozen charges.

When he failed to show up, the judges issued a warrant for his arrest. The warrant does not come with a bond, which means that if he is arrested, the police must produce it before the next session of the magistrates’ court.

Court documents show that the investigation into Tolomelli’s alleged offense was led by the Metropolitan Police.

Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London (Nick Ansell/PA)

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