Egyptian teacher sacked, then divorced by her husband after her belly dancing video sparked outrage

The sacking of a teacher, who recently divorced her husband after a video of her belly dancing with colleagues went viral, has sparked a national debate in largely conservative Egyptian society over women’s rights.

Aya Yousef was fired for ‘misconduct’ and then divorced by her husband after she was filmed by a colleague at a social event on a Nile boat, apparently without his permission.

The clip showed Yousef dancing with 4 other teachers to popular Egyptian music as others clapped for them.

After the video went viral on Twitter, critics condemned the teachers for dancing in public while others denounced what they saw as an invasion of the five’s privacy.

One user claimed she acted shamefully. “It clearly expresses the bad times we live in!! Anything goes”.

“Education has reached a low level in Egypt, commented another, calling for the relevant authorities to intervene.

Following the outcry, Yousef was fired from primary school in Dakahlia Governorate in the Nile Delta, where she had worked for several years teaching Arabic.

Speaking to reporters, a distraught Youssef said the video had ruined his family life.

“After the video was released, everything changed and my husband divorced him,” she told Egyptian newspaper Al Masry Al Youm.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was have fun like everyone else who was on the trip. But people condemned me as if I had committed a crime as I shared laughs and played with my colleagues,” she added.

Youssef said her three children accompanied her on the organized family trip.

“My job as a teacher ends at the school gate. Like everyone else, I have the right to live my life, to have fun, to play and to dance.

Women’s rights advocates in Egypt have spoken out forcefully, insisting the teacher did nothing wrong and claiming she was the victim of a witch hunt.

The director of the Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights, Dr. Nihad Abu Qumsan, offered Yousef a job in her office and asked him to bring his contract from the Ministry of Education to file a legal complaint against his dismissal. , reports the BBC.

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