Does the Leased Car Work? How the Formula for Private Individuals Works

The first question that arises when evaluating the possibility of taking a car on a lease is: is it worth it? To answer this question it is necessary first of all to understand what it means to stipulate a car leasing contract and what are the main differences with a long-term rental.
It is usually said that leased cars are suitable for professionals with a VAT number or for companies that decide to give the company car as a benefit to employees or who need cars for strictly professional reasons, for the needs of the company. Let’s see why.

Allows to take advantage of interesting forms of tax deductibility

Allows to take advantage of interesting forms of tax deductibility
provided in particular for professionals (especially agents and sales representatives) and for companies. Furthermore, leasing, also called financial leasing, being a form of financing, provides that the applicant (called user) provides certain guarantees , which is usually able to provide a company or a freelancer with a well-established activity. The private individual, on the other hand, may encounter some difficulties in obtaining a lease, perhaps because he is a precarious worker or because he already has to pay a mortgage on the house.
Furthermore, the leased car can be convenient if you intend to buy it at the end of the leasing period, a contract that provides for the possibility of redeeming the good with a maxi-final installment, that is, becoming its owner for all purposes, which not possible with the rental. Among the counterparts of the leasing there is certainly the obligation to pay an advance , which can fluctuate between 10% and 20% of the value of the car, even though financial companies that deal with these forms of financing are more and more often offer car leases without down payment.
In principle, therefore, that is, making a lease more or less convenient than renting depends on the use to be made of the car and on one’s personal needs . Who needs a car only for a limited period of time, perhaps for a momentary transfer for work reasons, will find the rental more convenient, while for those who intend to buy a car but do not have enough liquidity to provide immediately when buying, it can be said that car leasing is more convenient.
Even in the latter case, however, it is good to point out that the leasing fees are always subject to an interest rate that can also be quite high and which can lead to an economic disadvantage in terms of overall expenditure on the car.

It is a good idea to request a quote for all possible solutions

car credit
not only for a lease or a rental, but also for a loan for the purchase. One of the factors to be evaluated is undoubtedly also the amount of the fee to be paid , taking into consideration what may be included, such as RCA and maintenance costs, which may or may not be included in the installments to be paid monthly.

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