Dance crews seek glory in latest episode of Glo Battle of the Year – The Sun Nigeria

Following youhe gripping episodes of Afro Dance Battles from last week, the GLO sponsored reality show, Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria, will enter its final round from this weekend with Episode 8.

This episode, which features the coolest part of the competition’s “Dance Crew” contests, will air starting at 8 p.m. on GloTV, Globacom’s mobile streaming app.

Indeed, the first seven episodes featured incredible dance moves, heaps of drama, and plenty of unforgettable moments, including spellbinding musical performances from superstars Simi and Teni who thrilled live audiences with their hit songs.

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The twists and turns were unpredictable as even some of the fan favorites missed automatic qualifying for the final.

The BBoy/BGirl & Locking dance contests, which were the first dance categories to be featured, had Bboy Whirlz, BBoy Valley, and BBoyLil Monster among its winners. They will compete against the best dancers from other regions in the final scheduled for Lagos in April. These first contests were supplemented with comments provided by BBoy JC Jedor and Big Flo.

Another highlight of the first seven episodes was when contestant Bboy Off passed out backstage, right after his fierce semi-final battle with Victor Vic in the episode.

However, it wasn’t just about break dancing, as viewers were also thrilled by the Poppers from all over the country as they battled their way to Lagos while working hard to impress the judging panel. by Frank Okwara, Locking Si’on and Dj Poxxy, among others.

So far, the show had its highest viewership with episodes 6 and 7, which featured energetic Afro dancers across the 6 audition regions of Lagos, Kaduna, Abuja, Enugu, Benin and Port Harcourt. They not only amazed the judges, but thrilled the audience with Afro dance moves through footwork, body movements and random spins on the dance floor.

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The show continues full steam ahead this weekend at 8 p.m. on GloTV, which is now available to viewers on ALL networks. All viewers need to do is visit to watch for free or download the GloTV app.

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