Dance classes in Ludhiana to help you pursue your passion for dance

There are a few dance classes that are recognized for their excellence and teaching techniques. There are few places in Ludhiana that provide a great learning experience. Take a look at the list here.

Dance lessons in Ludhiana

1. Studio The X Factor

This is the best institute to go to if you want to learn more than one dance form. This place has some great options if you’re looking for something kid-friendly. The dance class is said to train the children with the utmost discipline and care. Classes are located at Basement Music City in Ludhiana.

2. Ecstasy The Dance Studio

Ecstasy The Dance Studio is one of the places that offer great dance lessons in the city. For people who prefer to hone their dancing skills at home, this place offers that privilege. You will also have the option of hiring a professional choreographer. You can also learn dance forms like Kathak and Contemporary here.

3. Sangita Performing Arts Studio

Sangita’s Performing Arts Studio is considered one of the best places to learn unique dance forms. They will teach you dance forms that are usually not taught in the surrounding institutes. You can opt for this one if you like rumba, belly dancing or cha cha. You can visit classes at Sagar Nagar in Ludhiana, Punjab.

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4. Broadway Dance Institute

Broadway Dance Institute is one of the places that provide good Hip Hop training. You will also have the opportunity to do belly dancing here. The Hip Hop team knows the teaching technique well. You must try this place if you are a fan of western dance forms. You will also have the choice of opting for Bollywood here. It is located at Model Town in Ludhiana.

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