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By Claire Downes—

Muncie, IN — As Thomas Merton once said, “Art allows us to find and lose ourselves at the same time.” The Cornerstone Center for the Arts prides itself on providing opportunities where all people have a place to be themselves, connect with others, and let go of their daily stresses. Cornerstone will be offering classes for the whole family this fall. The eight-week fall courses begin the week of September 14 and run through the week of November 6. Various workshops, masterclass and adventures will also be offered until December. Registrations will remain open for courses for young people and adults in visual arts, dance, theater, music, wellness and more.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts strives to provide creative and educational opportunities for students as young as 1 year old. Virtual classes for infants and preschoolers include: Creative movement,Premier Ballet I and II,Early Hip Hop and Jazz, Old musical theater, Tap early, Ancient theater and theater, and Preschool art.

Classes designed for Kindergarten to Grade 5 focus on early childhood development and peer collaboration. Youth courses include: Early elementary art,Youth Ballet I, Creative Youth Art,Youth digital drawing and painting,Young Hip Hop and Jazz, Lyrical and modern dance of youth, Youth musical theater, Theater and theater for young people me and II, and Faucet for young people.

If students in Grades 6-8 are interested in self-expression and creativity, the following virtual lessons will be perfect: Junior creative art and Junior digital drawing and painting. Students are invited to join Ethical Street and Graffiti in which they will work directly with graffiti artist Leon Crosby, design their own graffiti and test their skills in the community.

Most adult and high school classes will take place in person, at the Cornerstone Center for the Arts, or in partnership with community parks. In-person high school and adult classes include: Adult ballet I and II, Adult Contemporary and Jazz, Adult tap I andII,Belly dance 101, Bollywood,Ceramic,Fluid art,Irish dance troupe,United States Fighting Jujitsu,and Veil for belly dancing. Yoga and DanceFit will take place virtually – you could take a Colorado vacation and workout in the mountains.

Cornerstone Center for the Arts is proud to present a new series of events designed for all age groups. These masterclasses, workshops and adventures will be taught both in person and virtually. Cornerstone is honored to partner with artists from across the country to bring to the community and an experience they will never forget. These events include:For a Day Adventures (for preschoolers – 5th grade), Movement in nature workshop series (for all ages),Enter the Stage Right Masterclasses (for high school and college, also open to the public), Burlesque: Behind the Curtain Workshops (18+), Outdoor Events (for high school +), and Learning of the Masters Arts series (for high school +).

Cornerstone Center for the Arts offers many opportunities for financial aid and reduction. For the Fall 2020 semester, Delaware County students and medical staff will receive a 45% discount on any class of their choice. Financial aid applications are available online.

For more information on upcoming Cornerstone courses, lessons, workshops and events, call (765) 381-8781.

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