brigitte chataignier: Closing of the ‘poetics of gesture’ dance workshop | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: French dancer Brigitte Chataignier’s international dance workshop ended at Bharat Bhavan here on Saturday. The workshop entitled “Poetics of gesture” was open to dancers, actors and researchers. He focused on a body-mind preparation inspired by oriental and contemporary techniques. There were also Mohiniyattam structured movement sessions, inscribing the dance in its softness, energy and fluidity.
Born in France, Brigitte Chataignier is trained in classical and contemporary dance forms. She started studying Mohiniyattam in 1987 under Kalamandalam Leelamma in Kerala Kalamandalam, then Kalamandalam Ksheimavathy and Smt Sridevi Rajan.
In 1995, she founded Cie Prana to promote Kerala art forms. Commuting between India and France, she co-directed with Adoor Gopalakrishnan the shooting of the film “The Dance of the Enchantress”.
She has been organizing choreography workshops for 20 years. She performed Mohiniyattam in various festivals in India and France. She is an ICCR Recognized Empan Artist. She is currently creating her new piece ‘Mala’ and leading a research project with the Center National de la Danse.

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