Brighton and Hove News » Pavilion launches Bridgerton dance classes

Bridgerton fans can find out how to dance, chat and flirt the Regency way at the Royal Pavilion next month.

Fascination with Regency etiquette, fashions and history is high with the launch of the second series of the Netflix series Bridgerton. The first series drew over 82 million viewers, making it the most-watched series in the channel’s history.

Led by costumed actors, participants will discover how to behave in polite society as they plan an imaginary Grand Ball hosted by George IV in 1831.

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The skills to be taught will involve how to properly flutter your fan, a vital skill in Regency times when every lady wore a fan on her evenings.

How to gossip and carry on a conversation will also feature as polite society should understand social hierarchy and follow rules such as not laughing too loudly or discussing finances or “vulgar” topics.

Participants in the workshop on Saturday May 7 will also learn the basics of Regency dancing, essential for all partygoers, regardless of age.

Guests are welcome to dress up if they wish and bring a pair of gloves and a fan if you have one. Events hosted by Regency Delights are designed as part of our Regency Wardrobe Season.

RPMT CEO Hedley Swain said: “This event will be hugely fun for fans of the Regency period which was so graceful and elegant.

“The Royal Pavilion would have been the venue for many grand balls and events when George IV lived here and it is wonderful to recreate part of history for modern audiences.

The Regency Wardrobe is a collection of imaginary clothing whose design reflects the fashion, style and history of the Regency era. With a decoration directly inspired by the aspects of its interiors, ball gowns, promenade dresses, parasols and bags, enliven the beautiful rooms of the Royal Pavilion.

Each unique piece is created by artist Stephanie Smart, using only paper and thread.

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