Bollywood dance fitness classes draw fans from all over the world

MANHATTAN – A mix of Bollywood music and fitness is changing lives in New York City and around the world.

Masala Bhangra, as it is called, was founded by Sarina Jain, a woman from Queens, after a personal struggle and now thousands of people are embarking on this unique workout.

“My dad passed away at age 47 of a massive heart attack and I wanted to do something to my community to keep fit,” Jain said.

Linh Truong said the distinct dance style was life changing after being in a serious car accident 20 years ago.

“I broke my vertebrae, spine and both feet. I was hospitalized for seven weeks,” Truong said. “Every time I dance I have so much joy, it has brought me so much happiness.”

Deborah Kahan Kolb found Masala Bhangra’s virtual classes during the coronavirus pandemic and said it was integral to her 30-pound loss.

“I had three school-aged children at home, it was difficult and the weight kept piling up,” Kahan Kolb said. “It’s a great way to practice and dance at the same time.”

Jain has been teaching this unique dance for over 20 years now and has built up a fan base in New York City and throughout the UK, Europe and Kuwait.

Jain and his fellow teachers will be hosting a weekly Bhangra in the Plaza event every Thursday in the plaza next to Greeley Square Park in Midtown, Manhattan.

Masala Bhangra’s team will perform, then Jain herself will give a lesson before having a dance party.

Registration is required, you can register here.

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