Bobby Shmurda Gets Dragged In For This Weird Belly Dancing Video

After serving a sentence for reckless endangerment, possession of firearms and conspiracy, he is reintegrated into society as a … belly dancer?

Fans have been following her every move since its release, and they were just treated to one of the most bizarre belly dancing video that served up a lot of sexual innuendo.

The belly dancing clip is quite a departure from the bad boy, ex-con image that this rapper bragged about speeding up his music career, and fans are laughing at him for putting on this very weird dance performance. .

The moves are over the top and the vibe just doesn’t match his self-image, giving fans a huge opportunity to troll his mainstream messaging efforts.


Bobby’s belly dance

Bobby Shmurda has been linked with some of the music industry’s biggest heavyweights. With friends and supporters like Snoop Dogg, Rowdy Rebel, and Quavo, it’s clear that Shmurda’s team members all have rap sheets as long and complicated as his. His image is rude, tough and full of street cred in the rap game.

It seems like he’s trying to get rid of the bad boy image by pulling in his audience in a very different way these days. After serving 6 long years in prison, it’s safe to say that Bobby has plenty of reasons to dance and celebrate his new life and regained freedom, but fans don’t think he’s taken the right approach with these moves. dance groups.

The belly dancing video that Shmurda posted serves as a teaching lesson and takes on an alluring and very suggestive turn that has not escaped his fan base. Each whirl brought fans closer and closer to laughter as they absolutely laughed at his efforts.

While most agree that her body is in great shape, the movements leave a lot to be desired.

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The fans are a tough ‘no’

Fans don’t like this dance session and troll Shmurda saying it looks more like a weird belly dance clip.

The mockery continued with comments such as; “Give him time to adjust to the New Year, he is currently in 2015”, “what is he even doing?” “And” They did put him in prison “, as well as; “The prison changed him 🤦🏻‍♂️” and “Oh, it’s Shakira now!” ”

Others have written; “Stop Bobby, please just stop” and “This guy has been hell since he got home” and “Sir… Did you learn this move in jail… LLS I don’t like that. ”

Additional commentary included; “Oh no, what happened to this man when he was in jail” and “Please don’t try to be cute or sexy, the bad boy thing was a lot hotter.” ”

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Snoop Dogg and Bobby Shmurda

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