Ben & Ben to integrate theater, dance, orchestra and technology in their upcoming online concert ‘Kuwaderno’ GMA News Online

Ben & Ben aims to redefine the virtual concert experience with their upcoming online show “Kuwaderno”.

In December, “Kuwaderno” will see the Filipino collective of nine musicians push the boundaries by “integrating creative disciplines such as theater, dance, orchestra and technology with a live performance,” a statement from hurry.

The Ben & Ben concert will be staged at the Araneta Coliseum and will be broadcast live on December 5, 2021 from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. via the digital streaming platform

The award-winning group said “this is the biggest project we have undertaken so far.”

“You somehow know it is an act of faith when the flow of guidance and providence leads you to the right people who believe in the same vision as you: to bring music and music to life. messages they convey, ”the group said. as told.

Working on the concert, the band brought the same “collaborative spirit” that defined their recent album, “Pebble House Volume One: Kuwaderno,” they said.

“When it comes to the game between the big and the intimate, we really wanted our listeners to revel in the greatness of what their support means to us,” they added.

The audiovisual show promises to bring “the immense joy of experiencing live music and to give an impression of conceptual grandeur at the height of the most memorable concerts in recent history”.

Despite the platform’s limitations, “Kuwaderno,” according to the press release, aims to open up new possibilities and connect with audiences around the world.

The team behind “Kuwaderno” includes concert director Paolo Valenciano, co-director Maribel Legarda, the Philippine Theater Association (PETA) and seasoned light designer Shakira Villa-Syme.

“Working closely with them on this gig only allowed us to understand why they are the biggest names in the business,” the band said.

To better convey other feelings, the group decided to bring together different artistic disciplines in their concert, including actors and dancers as part of the visual storytelling.

The press release says this “gives the audience a semblance of being physically present with them throughout the concert’s journey.”

“The talented dancers we have worked with, led by choreographer Gio Gahol, also belong to different dance groups. It’s amazing how easily they seem to get along and dance with each other so passionately, ”said Ben & Ben.

The production design is also one to watch as each scene will have its own purpose, symbolism, and visuals.

“We want our listeners to know that every piece of the puzzle has been carefully included, and we’re excited to see them put it all together when they watch the entire show,” the group said.

Ben & Ben hope that through the concert their fans “will be able to use our platform to make them feel that they are not alone in this fight”.

Tickets for Kuwaderno: A Ben & Ben Online Concert can be purchased through the KTX website.

The TINATANGI package (priced at P 8,000) gives access to the online concert, as well as an exclusive one-to-one Harana session with the group on Zoom and entry to the draw for the exclusive Ben & Ben House tour , is already full.

Here are other tiers of tickets, all with different packages and inclusions, which are still available:

  • KAIBIGAN: 1,000 P
  • MAGKA-IBIGAN: P3,500
  • MAHIWAGA: 5,500 P

– LA, GMA News

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