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by Nguyễn Kiều Trinh

What began centuries ago as a form of entertainment in the Middle East has transcended Vietnamese life in major ways.

Belly dancing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but visitors to the Hai Bà TrÆ°ng District Cultural Center in Hà Ná»™i were treated to an afternoon of shaking hips and undulating movements that would not have seemed out of place in Egyptian dance halls. circa 1800s.

About 100 artists of all ages, shapes and sizes took part in the 2019 Belly Dance Sensation Festival earlier this month.

There was no áo dài here. Instead, it was the traditional, and in some telling cases, belly dancer costumes that were donned by the participants.

It’s fair to say it’s not something you would expect to see on a Saturday afternoon in the capital.

WHIRLPOOL OF COLOR: Vũ Tuyết Nhung performs on stage.

Yet, as a hobby, paired with a perfect way to keep fit while having fun, belly dancing is sure to gain popularity.

“When I started learning oriental dance, my family didn’t encourage me because they were afraid of the revealing costume and sexy moves,” said VÅ© Tuyết Nhung, who has been practicing and teaching dance for 12 years. .

“But after seeing the values ​​that belly dancing brings to women, making them more beautiful and improving their spirits, my family changed their minds and now encourages me to help other women become beautiful and happy.

Now I am very happy to inspire people with belly dancing.

The routines may seem complicated and the movements difficult to learn, but according to connoisseurs this is really a style anyone can master.

GROUP SNAPSHOT: Feeling beautiful. Photos VNS Paul Kennedy

Đỗ Hồng Hạnh believes that the benefits of art are many and, as a former champion, encourages people to give it a try.

She said, “There are a lot of aspects to belly dancing. The difficulty for artists is knowing how to improve themselves and create different beautiful pieces. Dancers participate in competitions to train in order to improve their skills.

“I encourage people to try belly dancing. If you are talented, passionate, and hardworking enough, you could be a professional dancer. Or at least you will have good health, a beautiful figure, and you will feel young. If you study more, you might take it to the next level to be a creative choreographer.

Lê Thị Ngọc Lan challenges his 55 years. She feels fit and healthy, and even credits this ancient art for helping her overcome severe back pain.

“Eight years ago I suffered from terrible back pain,” she said. News from Việt Nam.

“I tried a lot of different things to help relieve it, including a belly dancing class. Soon after, I started to feel much better.

“My body became more flexible, my back hurt less. While attending class, there are still times when I have to lie down on the floor, waiting for the pain to subside, but then I keep going. My teacher and my classmates always encourage me and are very happy every time they see me in class.

SEXY: A contestant performs a fusion belly dance.

But when Lan broke the news of his new hobby to his family, at first, eyebrows were raised.

“When I first started learning oriental dance, my family asked me a lot of questions,” she said.

“After visiting my classroom, my husband and children understood and encouraged me. They are now very happy because my health has improved so much. I no longer need to take pain relievers. My children are with me when I perform on stage.

“When I play I feel very happy and enjoy music and movement very much. “

Some believe that this dance form dates back to the time of Alexander the Great who ruled ancient Greece between 336 and 323 BC.

If so, there is no doubt that the man who intended to try and reach the “ends of the earth and the Great Outer Sea” would certainly lift a smile knowing that the dance style created in his time seems to have conquered the world.

If you are interested in oriental dance, the classes cost around 2 million VN for three months. For intensive courses with international instructors the cost is higher. VNS

Belly Dancing Facts

  • In Turkey, Egypt and other places in the Middle East, belly dancers are traditionally hired for weddings.
  • In Egypt, it is customary for the bride and groom to have their hands photographed on the belly of the belly dancer.
  • Described by some as the oldest dance in the world, belly dancing dates back to at least the time of Alexander the Great (356-323 BC).
  • Belly dancing was originally performed by women for women and the rippling belly is said to resemble a woman giving birth.
  • Egyptian Takia Karyoka is considered by many to be the best belly dancer of all time. It enchanted the Nazis, the Allies and the Arabs during and after World War II.
  • Professional belly dancers see themselves as artists. They bristle at the thought that they are little more than stylized strippers.
  • Thomas Edison made several films featuring belly dancers in the 1890s.

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