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The Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio continues to shine after more than a decade in the industry.

For more than a decade, the Strandfontein-based Aphrodite Belly Dance Studio has dazzled with her performances on the local scene.

Participating in the annual Cape Town carnival – which has been postponed to 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and redesigned for 2021 to mitigate the risk of the virus spreading – they have become a fan favorite to walk the parades.

Director and choreographer Stephanie Singh says the studio has participated in many other events in the metropolis as well.

“(The studio) was created in 2007. We have had many successes, one of which participates in the Cape Town Carnival every year. Aphrodite is the host and coordinator in Cape Town for the Cape Town International Dance Competition of which our dancers have received medals in the gold and silver divisions, ”she said.

The studio is also the organizer of the Cape Town Oriental Dance Festival at the V&A Waterfront during the month of October. “All the belly dancers, regional and international, are participating in this auspicious event,” Singh says.

Beyond that, the studio also wrote and produced two Artscape Theater productions: Futuria and Cleopatra in collaboration with the Northern Lights Dance Studio.

The studio is open to dancers of all ages and due to the economic climate, prices are kept low.

“With belly dancing, you learn to isolate your body. You are conditioned to use both sides of your brain equally. It contributes to mental and psychological well-being. It increases your fitness level and helps with flexibility. Therefore, it helps people to avoid all kinds of illnesses, ”Singh explains.

She continues that each person should treat their body with love and respect, and also encourages everyone to follow their dreams.

“All of life’s obstacles can be overcome. Life is good and she wants to be lived positively. The Covid-19 has had an impact on our lives. It brought us together as a dance community, ”she says.

The studio also recently hosted a genre arts while dancing show at Strandfontein, a community initiative run by the Strandfontein Ratepayers’ Association.

  • For more information, email [email protected], call 072 317 6139 or follow the studio on Facebook and Instagram.

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