BELLY DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA HOSTED BY HANNAH will perform Don’t Tell Mama on September 19 at 8:30 p.m.


When Robert Diamond, creator and CEO of Broadway World, asked me to join his team as editor of his Cabaret and Concert page, I told him I wanted to broaden the coverage. I wanted, I said, to see singers and musicians again, I was interested in drag and burlesque, I was looking for comics and monologues, poetry and dramaturgy, there would even be a focus on acts of magic and the ventriloquists, if they could be found (haven’t found any yet) … the point was and is that our mission at Broadway World Cabaret is to research and report on any type of program appearing on stages small rooms in New York.

So when I found out that Hannah Anastasia was performing a Belly Dance Extravaganza at Don’t Tell Mama, the show immediately hit my schedule. Don’t Tell Mama regulars often get the opportunity to visit Hannah and get to know her, appreciate her outgoing personality and gentle demeanor, as Hannah is one of the club’s concierges. Like most of the staff at Don’t Tell Mama, Hannah is an entertainer, and while bartenders and waiters can show off their performing skills during piano bar hour, Hannah would be a bit out of place walking around. the piano bar in her belly dance outfits. She will however be completely at ease on stage with the other members of the Belly Dance community, and on Sunday evening September 19, that is precisely where she will be. From 8:30 am, the Don’t Tell Mama cabaret room, more used to welcoming singers, occasionally hosting comics, and from time to time featuring acting talents, will become a haven of exoticism, of music and movement. Hannah will host an evening of dancing performed by herself and other belly dancers from here to New York, in a show that travels from place to place, entertaining guests over dinner, drinks or evenings. enjoying a small hookah.

I reached out to Hannah to schedule an interview with Broadway World, but my timing was off and I couldn’t sit on the schedule, so Hannah sent me a personal invitation to address to all of our Broadway World Cabaret readers, not just adventurers …

BELLY DANCE EXTRAVAGANZA HOSTED BY HANNAH will perform Don't Tell Mama on September 19 at 8:30 p.m.“My name is Hannah. I am a belly dancer and samba dancer from Brazil. I have over 12 years of experience and have taken classes with famous belly dancers from all over the world! Today , I’m based in New York and play at the best restaurants, clubs and hookah lounges in New York every week!

From the moment I arrived here, I fell in love with this incredible city and immediately knew that I wanted to share this love with others. I started to explore and enjoy the many restaurants New York City has to offer – and I became an expert on it, so I created the Belly Dance Extravaganza Show each month in a different location!

Belly dancing is more correctly called oriental dance – it is an expressive Arabic dance that has its origins in Egypt, since ancient times. Depending on the country and region, both in costume and in dance style, these characteristics may vary.

The Belly Dance Extravaganza Show features some of New York City’s best and most talented belly dancers and musicians! The show is choreographed and performed in the dancers’ sumptuous costumes and will include various props such as veils, swords, Isis wings, candelabra candle trays, fan sails, LED lights / wings, a drum Tabla, saxophones, Aladdin lamps and much more.

Join us every month for this unique experience and a good evening of music and dance in a relaxed atmosphere “

Now how can you say no to that? I certainly can’t, so I’ll see you all there!

For more information on Hannah’s Belly Dance Extravaganza, visit the Don’t Tell Mama website HERE

Visit the Hannah Belly Dance website HERE

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